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  1. CGNecrodice

    1st Grow 31st day of flowering

    thats fuckin nice dude... how long till harvest?
  2. CGNecrodice


    WOW, those r some nice god damn plants. 11.6 ounces! Holy shit
  3. CGNecrodice

    Ordered AK-48

    Well I already ordered it... this is my first time growing and I heard that AK is an easier grow than most so I'm gonna stick with it but maybe after this grow depending on how it is I might get something else. I've heard a lot of good stuff about white widow?
  4. CGNecrodice

    Ordered AK-48

    So I am sending a money order on Monday to get some AK-48 seeds from Nirvana to start growing... i can't wait to grow. After seeing all these pictures on here with the potential of what can happen i just wanna grow some weed. Anyone here ever grown or smoked AK?
  5. CGNecrodice


    Ya you definitaly did help.. But ya im not expecting much outa my first grow but i would like something out of it. Hopefully something good happens.
  6. CGNecrodice

    seed help

    Go to, they have a good selection of seeds. They got AK-48 which from my understanding is just Nirvana's strain of AK-47. They got 100% feminized seeds there too. Not sure about AK though.
  7. CGNecrodice


    Ya diablo u got that about right... Im gonna start off with fluorescent lights for veg and then if i can afford it by flowering im gonna try to buy an hps. Hopefully i will be able to get it because i want the maximum potential for these few plants... but thx for the help diablo and stoney.
  8. CGNecrodice


    alright thx guys
  9. CGNecrodice


    Is there any point in using fertilizer if you haven't run into any problems at all?
  10. CGNecrodice


    Ya i think i might do that. Would this HPS light be good? It isn't too strong for a very small area with about 4 plants is it?
  11. CGNecrodice


    Cant u have flourescent lights the whole time? I can't afford the HPS lights.
  12. CGNecrodice


    How many watts of flourescent lights would i need to grow 4 plants in about a 3 1/2 by 1 1/2 - 2 foot area?
  13. CGNecrodice

    how long to grow???

    im with u split
  14. CGNecrodice

    Fluorescent Lights?

    Thanks for the help Mutt.
  15. CGNecrodice

    Fluorescent Lights?

    I have seen that you can use Fluorescent Lights to grow and have them the whole time and still have a successful batch. Is this true?
  16. CGNecrodice


    How much would you predict I would have to pay if I wnated to grow very little but still have a successful grow. Not including the price of the seeds but with the lights and all that?
  17. CGNecrodice

    Light Information

    I read the section on light in the grower's guide forum but i still don't have the answer to my question. I live with my g/f and wanna grow inside a cardboard box inside my crawlspace so she won't know and it's a very small area. I plan on trying to grow two plants in the box. I was wondering...