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  1. WeedHopper

    Super hot pepper advice

    @Bubba No it's powered. We use an expensive ass machine called Vitamix. Fker does everything.
  2. WeedHopper

    Super hot pepper advice

    Been growing peppers for yrs and have been doing that for yrs. I even make my own Cheyenne powder.
  3. WeedHopper

    Help with hydroponic setup

    Ive never grown Hydroponically in anything smaller then a 5 gallon bucket.
  4. WeedHopper

    the orignal nutrient

    Never seen it before bro. Good to see you back.
  5. WeedHopper

    Brown Spots

    I hate those fkers. They jack up everything including veggies.
  6. WeedHopper

    My Bruce Banner (Auto Fem) Grow

    Cool. Keep up the good work.
  7. WeedHopper

    15 years later and back at it!

    Welcome back brother. Ive been here since 2008. Glad to see members returning. We had to clean the place up a little because some of the old crew got out of hand with Politics and Banning ppl for disagreeing with them. Now the Passion is back to its old self and everybody gets along and has fun.
  8. WeedHopper

    Mixing Nutes

    I use all FF Nutes and Soils.
  9. WeedHopper

    Almost done

    Nice job brother. Wish i could grow plants that big outside. I have to keep mine small. Texas doesnt take kindly to growers.
  10. WeedHopper

    My first grow. White Widow.

    Yep always go by the color of the triches.
  11. WeedHopper

    Question about mother plants

    Take a clone from the best Pheno
  12. WeedHopper

    Nine Pound Hammer

    Looking good.
  13. WeedHopper

    Mixing Nutes

    Never heard that before. The plant will uptake what it needs no matter how you feed it.
  14. WeedHopper

    Bong or Spliff

    Glass pipe
  15. WeedHopper

    Mixing Nutes

    Huh? I have always mixed my ferts together.
  16. WeedHopper

    Auto Flower....back at it.

    Pulling up a chair.
  17. WeedHopper

    Not so new but new to you probably

    Welcome back my friend. I've been here since 2008. Glad to see you back.
  18. WeedHopper

    Gmo grows Top Dawg Fam95

  19. WeedHopper

    Facts about PMs / Conversations

    Pute,,,,,,,Bigsur sent ma a PM saying how much he loved you giving him a reach around. Maybe that's why he doesn't want you to see our PMs. 🤪
  20. WeedHopper


    He could write that same sentence until the cows come home and he still will be in trouble before he puts the chalk down.;)