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  1. The Hemp Goddess

    Hydro: Tech Trend, the New Victory Garden?

    When I was growing hydro, I almost always grew greens during the winter months. They are very easy to grow hydro and don't require much light. I do think that we will continue to see more and more hydro--resources can just be used so much more efficiently.
  2. The Hemp Goddess

    Many types of members - this is a Marijuana Forum. Remember it please.

    LOL--oldfogey. Sorry, this is my fault. Us old farts get sidetracked sometimes. But golly-gee, masks aren't like choosing to wear a motorcycle helmet. If you choose not to wear a helmet, you are hurting only yourself. If you don't wear a mask, you could be killing someone. NO ONE like...
  3. The Hemp Goddess

    Seeds pop, but won't sprout

    Now on to getting those seeds started. I personally like to use Rapid Rooters to get my seeds started. These are spongy little cubes that you plant directly into. When you transplant, they go right into your new pot and medium with little to no transplant shock. Don't keep them too moist...
  4. The Hemp Goddess

    Seeds pop, but won't sprout

    While hermi seeds are generally female as they were created totally by a female plant that does not have a y chromosome, you should never use them. Because they were created this way, they have the genetic predisposition to themselves hermy. Decades ago we never saw hermy plants. I...
  5. The Hemp Goddess

    Why am I doing this ? Lol

    I know that you think that this is an original idea--something different--, but it isn't. Many many people have tried this thinking the same thing you did. But if you understand the biology of the plant and how it "eats", you will understand that adding fruit juice to your plants will do...
  6. The Hemp Goddess

    help! burnt leaves?

    What kind of soil did you plant in? Did it have "nutrients" in it? Or did you feed them? These look to me that they were killed by soil that is too hot for seedlings.
  7. The Hemp Goddess

    Many types of members - this is a Marijuana Forum. Remember it please.

    And wearing in the world did something like wearing masks get to be a political issue?
  8. The Hemp Goddess

    Lighting Help please .

    If you are taking them from bloom back to veg, expect some funky looking growth. the plant will throw some single bladed non-serrated leaves before they get back to normal growth.
  9. The Hemp Goddess

    Question about chef's super soil

    Thanks Buzzy, but I'm not sure these deer are going to be deterred by anything less than a tall fence, but I'll give it a try with something that is less valuable to me than my pot plants. And no trees near where the cannabis is. However, they come right up next to the patio to eat out of the...
  10. The Hemp Goddess

    Question about chef's super soil

    I love, love, love this mix. I've got a batch sitting waiting for transplant into 15-25 gal Smart pots. It has never failed me. I do use teas as the season goes on, but I do like making and using teas. Plants are small this year as moving interfered with planting (again), so don't really...
  11. The Hemp Goddess

    Island Of Misfits

    Pute, I have a Golden Pineapple going this summer...hope it turns out as pretty as yours. Great looking bud!
  12. The Hemp Goddess

    Many types of members - this is a Marijuana Forum. Remember it please.

    Dang NC, been a while. I mix up a batch of NC's Supersoil every year for my summer grow. Love it as much now as the first time I used it. And have never felt the need to tweek it. LOL--Hick really could lay the smack down couldn't he? Hope you are doing well, my friend!
  13. The Hemp Goddess

    Greenhouse hydroponics

    YYZ, have you run hydro before...I can't remember? As someone who has done a whole lot of hydro...I'd say that "No, I don't think that you can get bigger and better with outdoor hydro." Hydro can be difficult as it is so critical to keep your pH, PPMs, and res temps within certain, fairly...
  14. The Hemp Goddess

    Greenhouse hydroponics

    Doc is right--a chiller would be the easiest way to go, but probably expensive. I am not sure what your temps are like, but I would advise on really oversizing a chiller if you decide to go this way. My greenhouse can get 100 real easy. I do need to say that I have never looked at...
  15. The Hemp Goddess

    Greenhouse hydroponics

    The problem is keeping your res water cool enough.
  16. The Hemp Goddess

    14/15 days after popping

    LOL--I had a Purple Punch that our cat munched on...a lot. Weirdly, that is the only plant she munched on. I had a couple of Satori right next to the Purple Punch that she left alone. She is now banned from the little grow room.
  17. The Hemp Goddess

    Trimming small bugs away late into flowering?

    LOL--the heading of your post says "trimming BUGS away"--I came to see how you were doing that only to find that you are talking about BUDS, not bugs. Anyway, I'm with Buzzy. Trimming this late into flowering would be detrimental to yield. And really, the undergrowth doesn't look too dense...
  18. The Hemp Goddess

    Light timing trouble

    No, you should be okay--just try not to let it happen again. The biggest worry with interrupting the dark period is hermies. If you are 2-1/2 weeks into flowering, you are not going to want to do any kind of big trim. You need to let them be now and do their thing. Big trims really need to...
  19. The Hemp Goddess

    Is manure a good soil?

    Oh Rosebud, me too. The smell of cow manure always brings to mind my grandparent's farm and the fun we had there as children. LOL--can't believe that p o o p is a swear. Can we say cow poo? That said, I bought several yards of well composted dairy manure for my outside raised beds when I...
  20. The Hemp Goddess

    Autos as strong as indicas?

    No--honestly, I have never had an auto that I was impressed with in the least. Autos are a cross of cannabis ruderalis with either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. Asking if an auto is as strong as a photoperiod plant, is, in my mind, like asking if a screwdriver is as strong as a glass of...