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  1. Dman1234

    Flush question

    I dont flush either, at the most last two waterings are straight water, if that even. A slow cure is your best friend for the taste your after. IMO
  2. Dman1234

    Little Black Dots?

    Hi Rose, you still here?
  3. Dman1234

    Finally found a totally clean solution to mites

    Hi Zem, remember me? nice to see you here still.
  4. Dman1234

    Sciences other than botany

    theres a name i remember, do you remember me YYZ? I hope so, I popped in for the first time in a while and wasnt met very kindly, hope your doing well.
  5. Dman1234

    I'm an upstanding citizen, finally!

    Thanks Rose. I bought a little bit of indica and some sativa with some crazy made up names. I just want to check out their quality and delivery. I really don't plan on buying any going forward, knowing my grow is legal, (almost) and not have to worry about possession is good with me. I say my...
  6. Dman1234

    I'm an upstanding citizen, finally!

    Not sure what all that was about.
  7. Dman1234

    I'm an upstanding citizen, finally!

    At 43 years old I just smoked my first LEGAL bowl. And my plants suddenly became legal, well kinda, here in Ontario actual stores don't open until April, but you can purchase online with 1-3 days delivery, I was curious so I place an order this morning, prices weren't ridiculous as I expected...
  8. Dman1234

    I'm back at it.

    Some outdoor pics
  9. Dman1234

    I'm back at it.

    I've got a packed flowering tent. Waited a bit too long on the last flip.
  10. Dman1234

    I'm back at it.

    Thanks Rose HL and Burnin. Its good to be back.
  11. Dman1234

    I'm back at it.

    Hi everyone, got a new tent and I'm so glad to be back at the indoor side of things again. Pics soon.
  12. Dman1234

    Old members re visiting, come and say hello again.

    I haven't been around much for awhile. The names in this thread are all a blast from the past. Nice to see most still around.
  13. Dman1234

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Hello everyone, Merry xmas Happy New year, i plan to be back and around agian in the new year. See you all soon
  14. Dman1234

    Here we grow again, 2017

  15. Dman1234

    Advice I need a Humidifer & Timer - in Canada

    Imo humidity is over rated, i am in Canada also and growing in 20% has never been an issue. Also jmo but an exhaust fan running constantly with passive intake is the way to go.
  16. Dman1234

    When to start nutes

    I would have started feeding a LONGTIME ago, but i dont use your soil so maybe someone familiar with the soil you are using would be best to hear from.
  17. Dman1234

    Hello Dman here

    Hey whats up Art. Hello Tcbud. Good to see you both still around. I took them out of their little box too clean them up a bit and took some pics. I am pleased with this LED light and im not use to growing in such a small area so i am happy they are doing well in there. ignore the last pic its...
  18. Dman1234

    Hello Dman here

    Thx Rose. nice to see you.
  19. Dman1234

    Hello Dman here

    Hi everyone I have a tiny little box running it is barely bigger than my 400w led. I think it is 17"x34" and 4 ft tall. Here are 2 freebies that sat in my fridge for almost 18 months before i popped them. They have about 4 weeks to go. Pics show both of them with light on and then off and...