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  1. pcduck

    Man caught with 91 pounds of cannabis walks because police couldn't prove it was marijuana

    They are still busting people in Ohio marijuana
  2. pcduck

    Unfair medicinal grow... Busted

    What a bummer.
  3. pcduck

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Everything is good here, just busy living life. Hardly any winter to speak of. Been extremely warm. How's it been at your place, MMF?
  4. pcduck

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Still doing bong hits MMF, just takes me longer BIU bonehogs :)
  5. pcduck

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Happy New Years BHC
  6. pcduck

    Air Filters

    Get either a filter or ozone generator. I use Vortex fans. For filters, I have made my own and have bought one. They both work.
  7. pcduck

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Opps, a bit late but Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Rosebud
  8. pcduck

    Dr. Phil Claims Weed Makes You Violent and Lowers IQ

    Maybe he should learn how to not cheat on your wife. Before he starts uttering more nonsense.
  9. pcduck

    proper drying

    Light degrades the thc
  10. pcduck

    Hello there

  11. pcduck

    Organic soil recycle question
  12. pcduck

    a little advice

    Just pick it if you think its done.
  13. pcduck

    Hey everyone! Im newbie

  14. pcduck

    First timer old timer

  15. pcduck

    Kansas City Police Chief Blames Cannabis For Rising Murder Rate

    All I can say is don't take my Oreos, or I might have to get up off this couch and do something about it.
  16. pcduck

    What is you favorite method of collecting hash ?

    If it don't bubble,, it's not worth the trouble:D
  17. pcduck

    Hello from East Texas