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    Old and newer username

    I had changed my username some years ago because of a really obnoxious member who signed as I did, from Droopy Dog to wetdog. I haven't been on in some time and having a hard time siging on as wetdog, but sorta get on as Droopy Dog. Either one would be Ok as long as it meant an easy sign on...
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    Earth Juice and Amended Mixes ??

    I have LC's Soiless Mix #1 'cooking' in the garage right now. Basically a peat moss/perlite/worm casting mix and further amended with Dolomitic Lime, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, and Kelp Meal. Sort of a toned down 'Super Soil'.:cool: :cool: My question is: Where would EJ fit into this, or, even...
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    Anyone run a Adjust-A-Wing?

    I'm seriously considering ordering a large Adjust-A-Wing for my GL120, for several reasons. First, I can run both a 400wHPS and a 400wMH both in the same reflector. You can only do this with the large AAW. I want both the power and the mixed spectrum.:hubba: Second, the size of this...
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    DNA Genetics Pure Afghan

    I wanted to use this to do a little crossing with the indica that I'm now growing and was wondering if anyone had done a grow with it.:confused: A landrace indica should be nice to work with. Thanks. DD
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    Bokashi and worms ??

    Just heard of this stuff, so I googled it and did a bunch of reading and watched a neat video on how to make it. I also have a worm bin just started and also read that the stuff makes great worm food. I think the finished stuff, but for sure, the fermented/activated wheat bran that is used...
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    Cool snap, plants turned purple?!

    Had a bit of a cool snap, but not quite a frost, mid 30s I guess. Anyway, the clones I had out, close to harvest time, are turning purple. They are due to be harvested this weekend so not too concerned. At first though, I freaked! They looked black in the early morning light and it WAS...
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    Bag-O-Worms Thanks, Tater!!

    I love Tater's DIY attitude towards growing and saving $$$$ on stuff you can make rather than spend 10x as much for something that might work 1/2 as good as what you can make. In another thread, Tater showed a link for DIY worm bins. Well, after moving a few years ago, I have more than a few...
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    No enclosure rated bulb

    I read this recently and now for the life of me, can't find the thread. Anyway, someone mentioned specific HID bulbs that were rated to be used without an enclosure. Like an extra sheathing of glass to contain the hot innards if the bulb had a catastrophic failure. Wish I could remember...
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    Handheld tester or Meter with probe?

    I've got the search for a pH meter narrowed down to two that are very close as far as specs go, both Milwaukee. One is the pH53, a waterproof handheld tester. The other is the SM101, a meter that the probe is used via a 1 meter cable. I figure that the meter with the cable will be easier...
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    Ph tester: Milwaukee or Hanna?

    Looking to get a decent Ph tester and these 2 names keep popping up and I was hoping for some feedback. Right now, looking for Ph only, not a combo meter. Don't want the bottom of the line, or the other extreme either. I can afford something in the $50-$75 range, but would like accuracy...