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  1. Oldbay

    Dysfunctional family

    Variety is the spice of life - they look like a super happy dysfunctional family
  2. Oldbay

    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    As far as the GMOP, I’ll have to sit down with it as a first toke to get the smells/taste right. I’m definitely getting some of the garlic/mushroom/onion but I can pick them out individually as not going to the office in months has had me in a pretty perpetually hazed state and I’ve been...
  3. Oldbay

    Its time to kick off 2020. Wood grow.

    None of my buisness and I certainly won’t tell anyone how to live their life, but I would it recommend Colombian gold. Opposite end of the spectrum. I would lean more towards anything closer to a squat hashplant. Bubba or williams wonder type of stuff. Bonus that outdoors it will finish earlier
  4. Oldbay

    1st Journal

    I would go bananas drilling holes around the sides of the bucket and give it a good flush. Last of the flush water give it half a shot glass of Epsom salts to a gallon of water and wait for it to really dry out before your next watering.
  5. Oldbay

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    hey Steve - when you play with your new toys, if you don’t mind taking pics and posting how it goes I’d like to see how it goes, trim bag is getting filled up nicely
  6. Oldbay

    Looking at tips for chucking pollen

  7. Oldbay

    Its time to kick off 2020. Wood grow.

    Not sure if you are looking to smoke more in the future but my daughter also get’s anxiety and panic attacks. Mixed bowls of high CBD (she likes AC/DC) and more mellow indicas (I just pulled some 11 week Bubba kush) seems to help her quite a bit and not trigger her. I like very upbeat sativas...
  8. Oldbay

    Kyfarmer84 backinaction...

    Similar to my setup - to answer your polling question, I have played with nets but have decided they are not for me. I can get similar yields with other training (topping, manifold, lst) but the ability to pull plants in and out of my 4x4 for random tinkering as well as perpetual harvest is more...
  9. Oldbay

    First photo grow skittlez

    Sounds like someone is having a fantastic time with all of the new toys, looking forward the round two show!
  10. Oldbay

    Say Something About The Poster Above You.

    ^^ Has a spectacular wig collection
  11. Oldbay

    Word Association

  12. Oldbay

    Man I'm almost after a few failed attempts I'm getting Flowers!

    I had no idea you were pulling that off in a 2x2, mad props for that. I get the trial and error, I just took a brand new led panel out of my veg tent (also a 2x2x4) that was just too bright for the use case - hlg 100 sitting on the sidelines and now a 65 in the tent. Maybe flower out some dad’s...
  13. Oldbay

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    +1 on the vodka @WoodsRat - so much better in the heat. I’d not say no to a Moscow mule either. just need to get through the day and get some gardening done and then it will be camp fires and fat cones. Having lots of full jars really is a luxury
  14. Oldbay

    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    Yeah, I saw that in another thread, nugs and then water makes for a rough go. Keep on keeping on
  15. Oldbay

    Word Association

  16. Oldbay

    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    Early Sample nugs of the Babu (BaBoo?) lower branch and “ugly” compared to what’s hanging) - Smells fantastic. Will smoke it up a bit closer to bedtime ;) @boo
  17. Oldbay

    Carty's Collective

    That Lemon Betty is seriously good looking smoke- clone or beans? Had some of my GMOP last night after a fair amount of wine and some other smoke - it cut through all of it, big smiles here. I ran her long and glad I did.
  18. Oldbay

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Afternoon All - Long *** day at work, at least tomorrow is Friday. Time to dirty up the bong
  19. Oldbay

    Its time to kick off 2020. Wood grow.

    Damn man, nobody can knock your dedication, love it
  20. Oldbay

    Its time to kick off 2020. Wood grow.

    Major props to you outdoor growers, so many more things to deal with