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    Let me RE-Introduce myself.. (: Bubba's back

    It's been some years MP, as bubba902 before I lost my PW and email account and made this, I went MIA for a while, but I'm back.. keep an eye out for my tent journal.. hopefully there are still some familiar faces around.
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    I was going through old emails and seen MP pop up, attempted to log in and wala I'm back!!! Crazy timing though because I just ordered a new Autoflower Tent. Might as well start a journal and see some old faces/names. I won't lie, feels good to be back on MP sharing love with my fellow...
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    It's been a while, sup with these LEDs now?

    I haven't been around the scene in some years, I had packed up and moved when LEDs were just coming out, now I picked up this 1200W LED light for 115$ with good reviews but I haven't seen many harvests yet. Any tips or tricks? It's a 1200W LED in a 2.5x2.5x6ft tent just popping some NL autos...
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    Questions about bringing in the OD.

    Right now they are getting around 15-16hrs of sunlight a day, rising at 545-6am and sets around 9pm-9:15pm... Will it be a problem bringing them inside under 24/0 under the hps? I know to look for bugs and stuff before bringing them in. I just don't want a re-happening of my last years OD...
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    Bubba's Tent

    Hey everyone :)! I'm back for goooood. Its going to be a slow start up to get back to what I had, Someday I will achieve it though. Here is round 2 at this lol. 4x2x5 growmedics tent. tent, Requires 40K+ for flower 24k for veg. Right now I have 1 250w HPS /eye hortilux bulb claims 35k L...
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    Hey Everyone!

    I'm back finally! Got everything taken care of that I needed to. I went threw a lot of legal scares from my ex partner, I ended up selling ALL my equipment down to the RH% meters lol... Well my old name got hacked and everything changed, even the email used for it . hope everyone is...