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  1. MarPassion

    stoppong payment for MP

    You can stop the payment in Paypal.. Just stop recurring paying. Thanks!
  2. MarPassion

    correct fan and filter needed ?

    I made a link on Amazon. I have to do that if you want to link to focused products. It's like this: hxxp:// creativeASIN=B008NYF8S4&linkCode=as2&tag=mpforum-20
  3. MarPassion

    New Banner On Top Of the Forum!

    Thanks everyone for the support. I wanted to say, if you're looking for special deals then Nirvana runs a Weekend Whopper every weekend. Mostly the deal is 30% off and it runs only in the weekend, and every weekend a different discount. I posted a colorful link under the top banner to check...
  4. MarPassion

    New Banner On Top Of the Forum!

    Hello guys and girls! Attitude Seed Bank decided to stop with their affiliate program. That means they don't pay out commissions on sales from affiliated parties like us anymore. There for, to support the cost of our dedicated server we put up the Nirvana Banner instead. We think Nirvana has...
  5. MarPassion

    vaporizing smiley

    :vap_bong__emoticon: :vap-red vapor: :vapleaf: :vap-n15614613_33925 :vap-axgn4n: :vap-bobby_on_the_be :vap_smiley: :volcano vaporizer: :vap- silver vapor: it works :D
  6. MarPassion

    Problems on the site with IE9

    I'm sorry guys.. This is an older version of Vbulletin script. We used to have to newer version before until the server collapsed, so we reinstalled it with the old software again, more stable and faster. So, don't know how to solve this problem. :confused2:
  7. MarPassion

    Sections for auto flowering strains

    Ok, we will add an auto flower section soon. :-)
  8. MarPassion

    The Attitude Is **!!!!

    Well, i have experience in sending seeds to the US. And i know it's just a though job. Customers easily complain but the main source of the problem are the US customs that make it so difficult to get the seeds their imo. There's a quite high percentage of orders that go through, and that's...
  9. MarPassion

    The Attitude Is **!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your order. How can they replace your order? It's too expensive for them. They sell breeder packages for affordable prices so the risk I guess is when something goes wrong with your order then you can't do anything about it. Maybe they can send you some free seeds to make...
  10. MarPassion

    Thank you hack

    The host optimized the server a bit last week and I want to see if it's a bit more stable now. I actived a few hacks (plugins) and let's see if the server can handle the load. Please report any server busy messages or if you notice the forum is slowing down with browsing. Thank YOU!
  11. MarPassion

    Using tables in posts

    Sorry Art, HTML is disabled on the forum. It's not safe to use html tags in posts as it makes it vulnerable to hack attacks.
  12. MarPassion

    Members Seed Swap

    Sorry everyone, that spelling error is now fixed. Is it an excuse that i come from Holland? :p Please let me know if you have any other comments or suggestions.
  13. MarPassion

    Nirvana Banner

    Thanks, I thought it was clear but noticed hardly anyone uses the banner to order seeds. Around 4 orders sinds last month. Maybe it's a good idea to word it differently. Thanks for that!
  14. MarPassion

    Server Issue Thread

    Hey guys. It seems fine by me. It runs fast as of today. How is the forum acting today for you?
  15. MarPassion

    The Ethiopian Highland from Africa Seeds.

    It seems the original site of African seeds is gone. I dunno what happened, i'm sorry that the page is not updated in years, it's not always easy to keep it up like that. hXXp:// is NOT the original site. If you read the site it's part of AMS so it has nothing...
  16. MarPassion

    Server Issue Thread

    Yes, I thought lets try it out because the host says the server can handle it easy, but still not. It's not the server somehow because the main page is fast accessable. That's the weird thing. Ok, i will turn them off again. Thanks for the updates!
  17. MarPassion

    Server Issue Thread

    Yep let see first how it goes.
  18. MarPassion

    Server Issue Thread

    Well the host was working on this issue since last night and told me that some tables of the database were damaged. That happened because there was no more server space to write attachments to, so that gave an error into the database. We have more then 10gig of attachments on the server but the...
  19. MarPassion

    Server Issue Thread

    I'm not sure what the problem is about the database error. I receive a lot of database errors since early this morning. It looks like something is malformed or anything like that in the database. I have to check this out. It seems that it only appears when clicking an attachment in a post...