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  1. Kindbud

    Kindbud outdoor 2018

    60+ started so far gonna be 100+ by the end And big shout out to 4u2Smoke for the good vibrations and the help with the seeds and the Russian rocket fuel sounds like it's gonna be killer along with the other strains hazy mama faded glory cotton candy and skunk # 1 mixs sure I'll find alot of...
  2. Kindbud

    Outdoor WeirdlesS?

    So got 5 plants lefts trim every day trim trim trim every plant trimmed no seeds in any buds and just now trimming on 1 plant on just 1 bud check other buds no seeds on any other buds i found a single seed weird right anyone had this happen i took a couple buds from the same branch and smashed...
  3. Kindbud

    bubble bags

    anyone know where to get good quality bubble bags, i dont want them falling apart flaking in the hash... for around 60$
  4. Kindbud

    tiny mites

    how much do mites affect your plants
  5. Kindbud

    Ant Problem

    whats the best way to get rid of them its weird their only on 1 of my plants the biggest one
  6. Kindbud

    Need Some Help!! asap

    I have no idea what did this is only on a few of the 30 I have I looked at them yesterday morning they wear fine that night they looked like this any ideas
  7. Kindbud

    Best Place To Buy BHO Extractor??

    been looking in to buying one instead of homemade one any links??
  8. Kindbud

    The Return Of Kindbud!!! 2014

    For yall who remember me im back got 32 out right now pics coming soon!!
  9. Kindbud

    Do Yall Think their should be........

  10. Kindbud

    Organic Material Questions ???

    Ok so i am going to try to do this years grow totaly organic and i have heard and read alot of things that will give my plants all the N, P and K they need. But i have heard things that i just said what no way in my head so post what organic materals you use and how you used them! but anyways i...
  11. Kindbud

    Moving From Indoors To Outdoor Question?

    As most of yall know i have 7 plants inside growing in my speaker box check out my grow journal its in my signature but anyway their on 24/7 lights im going to movie them outside soon whenever i start gettin around 12 hours of light march 16 im getting exactly 12 hours of day light and march 1...
  12. Kindbud

    1 Month Would Be Ok Right???

    I was wondering a month worth of veg time would be fine right not looking for aloy... Then i switch to 12-12 or could i use 10-14 for flowering?? Just wondering because theirs a drought around hear Aka no herb and i was thinkin after march 1st is 1 month of veg time then id keep 2 of the 6 i got...
  13. Kindbud

    Kindbuds Outdoor Grow Journal

    got some pics up of the box i got them in till it gets warm enough to put them outside and the one i havent check on for 3 days thats outsides and spots will be posted tommarow
  14. Kindbud

    Ight got a question or two

    Im not going to be at my home for 2 days and i got a little computer fan i turn on every hour or so in my speaker grow box. Well one question should i leave it on or off??? And how many people have kept a plants indoor for a month, month 1/2 then put them outside to flower??? Should i put them...
  15. Kindbud

    Should I Be Worried???

    Ight heres the prob i went to look at a little plant i got outside for the fun of it its under a 2 litter bottle cut in half. But anyways as i was walking the short distance from my home to the spot. I had plan to put 3 of my seeds i got from the guy that grows on The Blue Ridge Parkway. As i...
  16. Kindbud

    Quick Question

    Ok ive got like 5 little girls going going to keep them inside on 24 7 light and was just wondering if 2 lights bout 2 1/2 inches away making oh most 2000 lumes in a 1' by 1' by 2' tall box be good enough to keep em growin for a half a month to a month????
  17. Kindbud

    Kindbuds Outdoor Grow 2009

    Pics coming tomorrow of the 10 locations ive picked out so far, the 3 sprouts that just sprouted today got 3 more that are about to sprout, ive got them in my window seal for the time being till it warms up enough to move them outside to their homes.... The strains in the window are just bag...
  18. Kindbud

    Outdoor Growing Movie!!!!!!

    Go To Youtube
  19. Kindbud

    Who's Starting Their Grow In Feb

    i was just wondering ive got some in my window seal right now wait for it to warm up and not get below 40
  20. Kindbud

    Help Whats Wrong???

    a few meaning 3 or 4 of the leafs on brittany my plants look like this any idear whats wrong i flushed the plant out yesterday should i do it again today??? snip the leaves of???