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    For Sale Metal pipes biker Maltese Iron Cross Rebel PANTERA President MAGA Pipes FS THIS IS THE ONE THEY WONT LET ME SELL ON EGAY. ⬇️
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    207 genetics Farmerslab & Greybeard

    want to hear from anybody that ordered from these banks. I try to use American seed banks to avoid the shipping hassle. ⬅️ hemp breeder
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    cross breeding autos with fems?

    Is this the right forum to ask this in? I want to know what happens when you breed regular feminized breeds with auto breeds if anyone has done this. I wanted to breed an auto kush fem with a regular kush fem so will the cross be autos too? Thanks ahead of time.
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    Looking for metal & plastic pipe parts

    I used to get my pipe parts at head shops but there not in my area so I tried googling Pipe Parts and got this site, are these fair pricing or too high?? Build Your Own Pipe
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    People selling seeds on Ebay!!!

    Would you buy seeds off eGay let alone sell them? seems like a bad idea 🙄🔫
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    anyone use distilled water?

    I live in a part of LA where the water is really hard, I want to know if I could use distilled water instead of tap water with liquid nutes.
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    big balls of shatter aka Dragon balls

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    Does Chocolate Thai still exist?

    When I was a kid in the 80's I heard about Chocolate Thai all the time but I never smoked any. There's seedbanks that sell Chocolate Thai seeds but I don't know if they're the real thing. Does anyone who's smoked the real thing know if these seeds are real Chocolate Thai? Does the strain...
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    CBD from head shops

    I've been in a million head shops that sell what they claim are CBD products. Has anyone ever tried these products? Would you have a better chance of getting real CBD for broken arm pain at GNC? TIA.