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  1. toddypotseed

    Help Plants turning yellow

    Of course you won't find yellow leaves in weed you buy they are already trimmed off the bud for they would be harsh smoking
  2. toddypotseed

    I'm Germinating My Seeds Right Now...

    The method i have found to be the most reliable is like you the damp paper towels but i placethem in a baggie and put in sock drawer and i have found that the striped ones tend to germinate most easily and are most viable. It should only take no more than a week for them to pop open
  3. toddypotseed

    Help Plants turning yellow

    don't worry it's perfectly natural for the fan leaves to turn yellow near the end of the grow the plants using up the last bit of nitrogen by moving it from the older leaves to the newer ones
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    amazing idea-crossbreeding question

    try asking those goverment freaky scientists with their genetic altering on the molecular level( as in the glow in the dark bunnies) or the goats milk that contains spider web proteins.
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    cannabis recipies

    #1 toddypotseed vbmenu_register("postmenu_21838", true); Junior Member Join Date: Apr 2006 Location: connecticut usa Posts: 27 Thanks: 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts mary jane truffles to make these...
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    How long can plants go without water?

    if the planting hole is high in organic matter like almost decomposed trees(real crumbily when handled) or leaves or dead grasses it will be ok, but a week is nothing like stated before
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    U.S seed purchacing... honestly now.

    well since i have a bit of experience with growing bag seed my present plants are the offspring of offspring a few times from good bagseed. I followed the 3 toke test (3 tokes for the buzz to kick in ). Now that bag seed ranged from Good high grade and also the pollen from a few male flowers...
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    why are the leave tip burned

    that was a very interestesting link you provided Stoney bud thanks for the shared knowledge
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    I'm Not Ed

    mr. ganjaguru yes yes thanks for the article
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    A li'l notice from NORML

    certainly we can not forget profiling, because a crime was commited it could be you ( ie the crime was done by a black, white, man , woman with long or short hair, etc)
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    toke, toke everybody!

    hello and happy 4/20
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    if i cook with pot do i get high?

    **** yeah , but he high may be more intense:cool:
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    Time For A Rant.

    you two said it in a nutshell BIG OIL companies lobbyists( those bastards) , how else could they control the masses by limiting the fuel sources to a few and grudingly relinquishing control to other means of resources( more enviromentaly friendly ones) being used.
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    Hidden In Plain Sight

    these tales of past experiences reminded me of a outdoor guerilla grow i once had well i had a small grove of plants about 10 located in pretty far in the woods off a deer trail but on the ways to the site i planted a couple of plants to distact ones attention from the others but after one day...
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    What it is?

    its a pleasure to meet you hopefuly not needing your services in the future
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    Things to do with Booze and weed.

    to stoney bud just so you know and others with home brew exp. you add the bud for the last few min. of wort boiling the heat and natural oils dissolve the thc so as not to destroy the thc molecule or you may ectract it with a little grain alcohol then let evaporate till you have the product...
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    Odorless marijuana oil extraction(butane honey oil, Ether, iso alcohol)

    in the book cannabis alchemy by he decribes a process which pure thc oil can be made but only by labratory settings and a very good understanding of chemistry probaly needed to carry it out.The method is based on fractional distillation and chromatography. The end of the book there is a...
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    Things to do with Booze and weed.

    since this thread was originaly on booze and weed i thought i would share this with you folks about 10 years ago my younger brother made some home brew beer and had dissolved about a 1/4 pound into a 5 gallon batch and let me tell you that the buzz left some of the bigger dudes that shared...
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    A List Of Seedbanks To Buy From Or Not To Buy From With Ratings

    just gone to the site and felt like a kid in a candy store after dad gave me a couple of dollars
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    mary jane truffles

    to that info request see dosage( that sound like a true mind f***) and it will not affect results so GO FOR IT OH YEAH