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  1. JerryG1989

    whats the problem here?

    i have one plant that has something wroing with it while the other 4 that are in the same hydro solution are fine. the strain is blueberry gum from g13 labs. Ive checked the ph and its around 6.0 ( i adjusted to 5.5 yesterday), any help would be appreciated.
  2. JerryG1989

    Questions on grow room and yield?

    I plan on having 4 400 watt air cooled mh/hps, One 6-12 site ebb and flo bucket system for mothers and 3 4ftx4ft ebb and flo grow beds with 20-25 plants in each grow bed. Each plant will be in its own 1.5gallon grow bag with clay pebbles for ease of movement from vegging to flowering and general...
  3. JerryG1989

    whats is wrong

    the leaves on some of my hydro plants are turning light green and becoming brittle. the bottom leaves were affected first but now some mid level leaves have patches of light green and brittle spots?
  4. JerryG1989

    could this be possible

    If i harvested and dryed by freezing it would it work? would the dry/cold environment of my freezer work well at all or will this be bad.
  5. JerryG1989

    5 wks into flower and hardly any trichs

    is this normal? will it begin to pack on the trichs soon? im fertilizing with BC boost, BC Bloom, and awesome blossom hope to update with pics soon
  6. JerryG1989

    Citral Hydro

    Just started 2 citral seeds (got them from a freind who went to amsterdam) in home made hydro set up hope to update with pics soon but if anyone has experience growing this strain any help is appreciated.
  7. JerryG1989


    I recently visited my garden which is right next to this beaver dam and I noticed a couple of my plant's leaves and tops had been eaten. So my qeustion is "do beaver eat marijuana?" and if so how do i stop them. I went ahead and pissed around my garden while i was there hoping that would help...
  8. JerryG1989

    19 days into flower Pics

    started this plant about two months ago and they have been flowering for 19 days. do the size of my buds seem of average size for 19 days. i am concerned because im using CFL's to flower due to money isse and am hoping i put enough of them in for flower. any feedback is appreciated
  9. JerryG1989

    first attempt at Hydro

    started it in soil and moved into hydro setup 1 week after sprouting. here it is after about a month.
  10. JerryG1989

    My 3rd grow

    Here are the plants i have growing, most are in soil but one is in a hydroponic setup i have using an airstone, im using foxfarm nutes for the hydro and soil.The hydro and one other plant are definitely females but still waiting for the rest to preflower. Any tips and/or comments ,especially on...
  11. JerryG1989

    are my buds ok

    I have been flowering a couple plants for about three weeks now and my biggest has about 9 main grow tips and like 20 some odd spots where its budding but the main grow tips are still only as big as like my thumb but are already starting to get crystals on them and some hairs have already turned...
  12. JerryG1989


    Has anyone here ever grown lowryder and gotten seeds from it cus if so i would like to buy some and please post pics of the plants as well
  13. JerryG1989

    Ganja Goo Balls

    this is pretty simple jus make canna butter by boiling fresh bud with butter then strain it to get all the bud out let it kool and the buuter will harden and float to the top u them mix honey peanut butter and the cannabutter in a pot and melt it all together after that u add ur favorite cereal...
  14. JerryG1989

    Wats up

    Hey i enjoy discussing marijuana and marijuana related politics so i thought id join Plus im pretty sure marijuana is the best thing to happen to mankind since fire so hope to have some fun Peace