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  1. bizzy323

    Root aphids?

    You guys don’t see the bugs or don’t see the aphids? So which should I use to water them?
  2. bizzy323

    Root aphids?

    So I got this plants in foams cups and for the past three weeks they really been struggling to grow and some not growing at all. I pulled one if them out of the cup and found this things I believe are root aphids and started checking the rest of the plants almost all of them have it. Can I water...
  3. bizzy323

    Sick plants

    No but when I water them might of got a few leafs wet because its only like 4-5 of them out of 500 but as far as the leafs curling in most of them are like that
  4. bizzy323

    Sick plants

    Hello I notice some of my plants leafs curling inwards than a few plants have some fan leafs dying. The room has been very humid sometimes between 55%-75%.
  5. bizzy323

    the orignal nutrient

    What you do guys think about this at $100 a litter
  6. bizzy323

    Black spots

    I am two weeks into flower and I notice I have black spots on the bottom leafs mainly...anyone know what can this be? Maybe aphids?
  7. bizzy323

    leafs look burned and gray

    I use 250ml cal mag for every 50gallon of that a lot? It's weird because I am growing 8 ball kush and GDP and only the 8 ball is looking like that the GDP looks great.
  8. bizzy323

    leafs look burned and gray

    yes i got a ph meter and i do use cal mag also
  9. bizzy323

    leafs look burned and gray

    I mix two bags os ocean forest with one bag of light warrior. I use foxfarm nutrients...there is no way it can be nutrient burn? I feed them at 900ppm
  10. bizzy323

    leafs look burned and gray

    The room don't get colder than 65 and hotter than 85. I am using co2 generator keeping at 1250 ppm @3weeks into flower. I check my ph in the soil it was 6.0 I usually adjust my ph to 6.5 before i water and always mix cal mag in my water. The pictures are from my mother plants that are doing the...
  11. bizzy323

    leafs look burned and gray

    can anyone please tell me what is causing my leafs to look like this?
  12. bizzy323

    co2 room

    do I need to exhaust my room even with co2? I got a sealed room with split air conditioner...
  13. bizzy323

    water ppm

  14. bizzy323

    water ppm

    my tap water is about 230ppm very high in calcium you guys think i can use this or stick to my ro?
  15. bizzy323

    aeroponics cloning problem

    hey guys the problem i have with my aeroponics is some of my plants stem get soggy and have this white cloudy layer over it like its rotted.. Anyone know why this happens? thank you all comments apperciated
  16. bizzy323

    plants look horrible

    hey guys cherry xmas....can anyone tell me what could be wrong with this plant? Only two look like this out of 12...
  17. bizzy323

    clone light

    is 18/6 or 24/0 better for clones? also is it true that clones should be left in 24hrs darkness before put under a light after cloned?
  18. bizzy323

    powerd mildew

    whats the best way to get rid of powerd mildew at week 6 of flowering? You guys think that organic mildew spray wont harm buds?
  19. bizzy323

    hours to flower and flush

    whats the minimum hours a plant needs to start flowering? also whats should i do two weeks flush with hydro and soil?
  20. bizzy323


    whats the difference between earwax and budder how do you budder your hash oil?