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    Deficiency’s help

    I’m not sure what’s going on with plant 1 I fed 1/3 nutes of gro 1/2 nutes of micro and bloom and 1/4 of bloom organic powder 4.2ml Plant 2 same as 1 except leaves small and curling a bit Ph 6.5 Week 5-6 flowering Ppm 562 2 gal 3liters each Thank you
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    Need help

    My plant has root aphids and I caught on to late can I harvest now? Everyday my buds are looking more like this
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    What is this?

    It’s in my soil on top
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    I have 2 questions to ask

    First one is this foxtail or hermie? Took bad advice and lowered the light to low raised it high as I can get it which is 26-30 from the top of my bud 2nd one is this bud rot? It’s the only bud I see with this color. Thank you in advance
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    Trichomes help

    Got 7 plants 4 photos 3autos how much longer
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    Hermie or no

    Week 6 flower
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    What am I dealing with

    Few of my leaves on one plant looks like this.
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    Mushroom in garden

    Is it good or bad just wondering ?
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    How do I fix this

    Any advice helps
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    What is this bug in my soil?

    Good or bad
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    What is wrong with it

    Is it nitrogen calcium or phosphorus ?
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    Help please

    My girl accidentally tripped and knocked over one of my plants nothing came out but she real stressed is she gonna make it or no
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    Gender please

    What is this
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    Give me negative feedback

    I want honest opinions not lies I know she’s overfed I will flush her fat self in a few days, Let me have it 😂 First one is white widow photo Next to it is runtz auto Little one is blue berry photo other 2 In the back are blu berry as well.
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    Scrog net

    Is it to late to pull them up since all my plants already passed through them ? I plan to add2 more auto flower plants in my tent Just wanna know if I can do anything with this scrog or am I screwed lol
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    Bronze spots

    I got a few fan leaves with this on it, is it potassium or something else ? I have 5 fans one oscillation fan what can I do to correct this I only see like 2-3 not all of them
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    What is this

    I want to kill it it’s been in veg over 4-5months still no sex random seed No pistils no balls nothing 😆
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    Soil coco

    Why is my soul so hard I can’t stick my finger in the dirt anymore to check if it’s dry in the medium how do I make it soft again ?
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    Espom Sat

    Can I foliar spray it onto my leaves for sulfur deficiency?
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    LST auto

    Can you LST a auto without slowing down its growth cycle ?