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  1. FireWeed

    Small Grow light question

  2. FireWeed

    day light growing

    You shouldent have 2 plants in the same pot there roots are gonna tangle themselves together.
  3. FireWeed

    from seed to sprout

    Ya it normally takes me 2 days to germinate and about 2 days for it to sprout. But some may sprout in1 day some may take a little longer. at least give them a week before you give up but they should sprout before that.
  4. FireWeed

    check out my germination did i mess up?

    i just get plate get the some napkins moist put the seeds spread out in between the layers of napkins and put saran wrap over the plate. I also just let them stay at room temperature and they sprout in 2 days normally. You dont want them getting to hot but some warmt will speed up the process...
  5. FireWeed

    Past Grows

    Wow you definatly have alot of experiance growing you guys have grown lots of awesome strains your newest grow is looking good also.
  6. FireWeed

    seed ???

    Ya it will be seedless if theres no males around but keep in mind the plant could end up being male.
  7. FireWeed

    FireWeed's Grow

    Also i had one more seed sprout so i got 8 plants right now!
  8. FireWeed

    FireWeed's Grow

    once my plants are 2 weeks old is it ok to start giving them a weak amout of fertilizer. And how often should i fertilize them. Lots of people say Miracle Gro is bad but i have 2 kinds all purpose plant food and tomato fertilizer. The Tomato Fertilizer has the right ingrediants just its Miracle...
  9. FireWeed

    100W CFL for 10 bux

    do you know how many lumens the 100watt has i know the 42's i got at wal mart are 2700
  10. FireWeed

    AZshwagg's First Grow!!!!

    That grow box is sweet do you only have 1 planted? because you got the room for more and you dont want to have one plant and have it be a male.
  11. FireWeed

    FireWeed's Grow

    Day 9 Yesterday i had 5 of those new seeds i planted sprout. So i have 7 seedlings now. The new ones are 1 week behind the first 2. Also i went to wal mart today and got the wallyworld light setup Bgrunt posted in the lights section. And i think my friends giving me a speaker box that i will...
  12. FireWeed

    ?? about trichomes

    If your on day 36 you still have a few weeks to go before even thinking about harvesting. but your plants look great keep it up!
  13. FireWeed

    Juicy Fruit From Seed to Clone

    look good where did you get those juicy fruit seeds sounds pretty good have you ever smoked any.
  14. FireWeed

    Sick seedling (pic)

    Most people dont start nutes until at least 2 weeks im not sure if this is the problem or not.
  15. FireWeed

    do u need male&female to grow?

    Theres lots of people who can aswer this better than me but outside it will do it naturally through the months.
  16. FireWeed

    do u need male&female to grow?

    No u dont need a male and a female to grow. Males are bad unless you want your female to have seeds in the bud. YOu veg your plant on 24 hours or 18/6 if light and you should wait till its mature(when it has alternating nodes). Then you just change the light its getting to 12/12 this is how you...
  17. FireWeed

    FireWeed's Grow

    LdyLunatic ill have some more pics up in a couple days lettin them grow a little and seein if anymore of the new ones i planted sprout.
  18. FireWeed

    The Brother's Grunt method of germination with pics

    I norrmally plant mine as soon as the tip is out of the seed i read somewhere it will have more energy to dig its way through the soil.
  19. FireWeed

    Too much light?

    Theres no such thing as too much light you want to get as many lumens as you can on your plants.
  20. FireWeed

    FireWeed's Grow

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I planted 6 more germinated seeds so in the next day or 2 well see how many sprout. I got the measurement of that box. Length-1' 9'' Width-1' 3'' Height-1' and the way that fluoro on top has that hood gives them some more room to grow before i have to move them.