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    questions about watering

    I have read that you should wait until the soil feels dry down to your knuckle or the pot should feel light before watering again, and then to always water to runoff of about 10%. This seems to work better with smaller pots that dry out quicker, but in larger pots, the soil can feel dry well...
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    Bud rot?

    I did an outdoor grow and one plant was covered in aphids and other wormy bugs by late flower, so I harvested it and after drying for a few days I put the buds in jars to cure. A couple of days later, I found two winged insects crawling around in the jar. They were some worms that had changed to...
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    What do you do with herm plant?

    I had a tent that got seeded from one hermie but I let them grow out and harvested them as usual. I usually get 80-90g/plant when I grow in soil and these came out to about 100g/plant. I had 4 plants and as I smoked it I saved all the seeds and weighed them when it was all gone. The total...
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    Autoflowering or not

    They look very small for 9 weeks since sprouting. And if they were autos, you would have seen lots of buds by then. This is an auto that was 9 weeks from sprouting. It was already developing colas.
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    In ONE day! Argh!

    acids have a low pH
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    Any idea what this is?

    It's a wedding cake auto. I have two growing and they are as different as night and day. It's amazing what breeders can get away with calling the same strain. I suspect that many of the odd issues that arise in some plants while growing are due to incompetent breeders and Murphy's law. I use...
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    Any idea what this is?

    Some of the lower fan leaves have started doing this in the last week. The plant has 3-4 weeks to go. Any ideas what it might be? Thanks for any advice.
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    What was that problem you never saw coming when you decided to go indoors?

    Unfortunately, you will make mistakes and there will be problems. That's how you learn. I think your main challenge will be maintaining the correct growing environment in the tent as the conditions change outside the tent at different times of the year. Other than that, start with good soil and...
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    Depression and cannabis

    I did a lot of acid in college about 50 years ago, and I think that the experience sort of inoculated me against depression. Whenever felt really down or like things were overwhelming, I still felt a certain detachment because I knew that it would change after a while and it felt more like...
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    cannabutter and seeds

    that's odd. for me, the edible lasts a lot longer than a smoke. if I take a small sugar cube size of canna butter, I get a nice 7-8 hours of effect, but if I smoke and stop, it tends to last 2-3 hours at the most.
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    Not getting good yields.

    The reality is that you will never get the same size fat main cola if you start topping the plant to create more colas. You will get a nice even canopy, but not of the same size colas as a main cola.
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    question for users of Essentials EC meter

    My Essentials EC meter normally gives me an EC readout in the 1.6 to 2.3 range for my hydro nutes with a small symbol next to it (ms), and it calibrates fine to the 2.8 ms standard, but sometimes it gives me a reading of .19 for my nute solution (without the ms symbol showing) when I know it...
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    Lower bud sites wk5

    I like to prune a few leaves here and there around the top of the canopy to allow light down further, but I like to make cannabutter, so I leave the lower buds alone and harvest them as part of the shake for butter.
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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    I have been buying Canna terra pro/plus soils for a long time on the idea that they are dedicated to weed growing, and it works fine, but recently I did a hydro grow and had a seedling left over and instead of throwing it out, I put it in a small 2L soil pot with some offbrand multipurpose...
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    tent accident- how bad for plant?

    How do you keep light from entering your buckets and hitting the roots through all that open space at the top of your mesh pots?
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    Drying/curring problems

    It's not hard. Get a hygrometer or two for each jar (or assume all jars are the same). You need to get the humidity down to 62-65% so they will cure and not mold. Under 60% and they will be too dry to cure well and will stay harsher tasting. Over 70% and they should be taken back out of the...
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    FL MMJ Cards?

    Is alcohol use a prohibiting factor as well?
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    Hi, total noob first time grower with some questions and a problem or two.

    2 weeks seems way too long to me, but I don't dry whole plants and I don't know your drying environment. I would have trimmed the colas and buds of all leaves first and then hung the stems up. It usually takes me 3 to 4 days of hanging in a 17C and 50%hum dark tent with a small fan just moving...
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    can plants absorb nute particles?

    I'm growing in a hydro bucket at the moment, not in soil.
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    can plants absorb nute particles?

    I noticed when I mixed my canna aqua nutes for a hydro bucket, the solution looked cloudy and with fine particles floating in the water. The nute solution turned clear as I set the pH, but there was a bit of particle sludge lying at the bottom of the bucket. When I stirred it, the little...