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    Has anyone heard of this strain?

    I was talking to a buddy of mine who i got my seeds from .. he told me the strain is called Crinkle .... (i dont know if this is spelled right) .. has anyone heard of this strain??
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    Another Question from Bonbuck (Am i annoyin u guys yet lol )

    I hear alot of things from buddies of mine about growing .. alot of it is hear say tho. . so before i take tips i like to ask u guys . . im growing in 2 Litre bottles. . i can see roots at the sides of the bottles and my buddy said that i have to put paper or something around the bottle...
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    Quick Question Please reply asap

    Hey My plant is now about 8 days old . it is only about 2 inches high and has 12 leaves on it .. its progrssing very well .. i am growing it in a cut off 2 litre bottle .. today i checked on the plant and ive noticed that the roots have grown to the edges of the bottles and then follow the...
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    Has anyone Experimented with giving your plants steroids? i was just thinking that if u give tomato plants steroids the tomatos can grow up to like 5 times bigger .. i was wondering if weed can do the same?
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    Question about Growing

    Hey i am a new grower and ive been doing alot of reading around the internet . i came across Hundreds of differant tips and tricks . one main one that i am interested in doing but before i try i just wanted to get a few more opinions from some more growers.. I have heard that it can be...
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    Hey i got some seeds off a buddy and im growing them right now .. i dont know the strain of the plant . is there a way i can tell when the plant matures / flowers??
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    Bonbuck's Newbie Closet Grow

    Heres what my setup looks like .. sorry for the bad pics i made it in MS Paint HAHA
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    Bonbuck AKA Mr Anonymous

    Hey Im 24 years old and i live in Ontario, Canada My background is Newfie / Irish ive been a pot smoker for about 6 years now. Ive done quite a bit of drugs in my day Heres my roster Marijuana (All Variations) Special K (Ketimine) Shrooms (dispite what people say Newfie shrooms are the best)...
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    Bonbuck's Newbie Closet Grow

    Hey all .. i just joined this forum .. im now 5 days into my grow and keeping a journal i think my be a good idea so ill do a little Catch-up .. I am a newbie to growing. and have been doing LOTS of research on many sites across the internet on tips and tricks from growing the best of the Sicky...