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    Legal Buds a Fake?????

    I tried salvia. I actually half like a quarter ounce of the leaves(not extract) left. The first time i did the 7x was awesome. Burst out laughing and then i got ready as fast as i could(shoes...shirt...coat) and i ran outside. By the time i ran outside i realised, "why the **** did i do this"...
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    Hard Buds

    Without seeing these compact buds i couldn't tell you for sure. But as we call it "brick weed" is common. Listen to stoney because he took the words right out of my mouth.
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    Man Sentenced For Giving Pot To His Kids!!!!

    i know what you mean skribb, i see that going on around here too. I think it's irresponcible to completely and freely permit your child to smoke. However, around ther ages of 16-17 are good times to introduce it only because of maturity. These latch key kids in our cities that i have personally...
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    HPS yields more males during veg growth???

    Brothers Grunt: the feminized seeds aren't even 100% guaranteed i heard. If that's true, then the overall answer to fat's question is no guarantee.
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    Seed Prob!

    it really isn't that hard to germinate. If by todays date(28) they haven't even sprouted then toss it. one last thing and anyone who can, back me up on this one if i'm correct. The light you're using needs to be on the the soil after you dropped your bean in it. 24-72hrs later you should have...
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    THANK YOU! for the 200 degrees, i will research to see if i can double check that fact. The electric hot plates for oil scents I always assumed would work fine if i converted one into a vaporiser. Next time i'm around one, i will gauge the temp and see if i can add yet another homemade invention.
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    Migraine: Effective MJ for Migraine Headaches

    you don't even know how glad i am to have found this thread. Sorry to dig it up if it's old, but for someone who gets bad migraines due to a cyst, this has now made me now think that when i do grow i should grow something beneficial to my condition. Nice:)
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    BHO and Budder Hash - Everything you want to know... i think it's the same thing except smaller, but you're the expert here:)
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    BHO and Budder Hash - Everything you want to know...

    so this is basically "one hit shit" they say? What if i used the small honey bee extractor. like the one they sell on Everyonedoesit.
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    Odorless marijuana oil extraction(butane honey oil, Ether, iso alcohol)

    what a goal. I recently bought this Zig Zag cigarette gun along with 200 blank cigarette tubes(w/ filters) you can pack the shit out of them and add tobbacco to keep it burning evenly.
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    First Grow.

    Well i had to come to a reasonable conclusion last night. Last night i ended my sprouts life. It was really causing problems especially since i don't have my own place. I would have liked to have nurse it until the weather is better, but not right now. Too early. I'll be back..just none of the indo
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    Anybody Had Budder?

    you can ingest raw hash without the assistance of a heat source and still the thc will release?
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    whats up with 24 hours of dark before harvest?

    none the less though, still a good looking plant.
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    Just Found Purple Plant Next To A Alfalfa Field

    jesus i can only read about half of this thread.
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    First Grow.

    awesome awesome. Well my lighting "system" consists of a 60w desk lamp in a sort of dresser size cabinet shelf. I can't keep it in there forever. My options after it out grows the shelf are to put it outside. Will that kill them? And is it possible to train this plant to be tiny. one last...
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    First Grow.

    so here is the first set of pictures from my grow. I was wondering if the plant is alright because the first two leaves are now standing almost verticle. well, here you can see for your self.
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    Making Hash using ice and water!

    Slowhand, the picture you posted: The male plant was 5 weeks into flowering right? That's probably a retarded question, but i was curious. also how many grams of this plant material did you use to come up with that amount of hash?
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    day light growing

    if you say placed three seeds in a pot, is it possible that at any point AFTER they have sprouted would i be able to transplant them in to smaller separate containers to further continue this stages growth? i know i have to move them out of the dixie cup but i was just pretty much gambling with...
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    Durbin Poison x Skunk #1 ??

    You've got plent of extra 400 hps lamps and ballasts laying around? Ok just let me know when you are ready to send em here.
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    First Grow.

    I have always pondered the thought of creating a harvest or some size. MJ is too expensive if you ask me so why not do it yourself. I'm working with certain handicaps in this entire project, but i plan to work with what i have till my babies are completely dead. I know it's a little early to...