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    Critical 2.0 XL autos - GoG

    so im germinating 20 seeds right now of garden of green's critical 2.0 xl auto seeds right now 9 popped a tail out of there shell, and i put those 9 in soil so far Doing foxfarm ocean forest with perlite and DE in the soil mixed together in 5 gallon buckets gonna be using 2 tents, 1000watt...
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    Hey how’s it going again guys so I’m back at it and I go downstairs in my tent tonight to check on them when the timer comes on and what do you know I have a burnt out bulb so of course I don’t have any other bulbs in stock or available besides my MH bulb so I ended up unplugging the ballast...
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    2000 watts in a 5x5

    Hey everybody how’s it going? So I was running one 1000 watt ballast and grow up until flip time did 7 weeks of veg on my babies but now it’s the game changer so I’m four weeks going into flowering at the moment and I finally cranked up both Ballast to 100% had them at 75% at 1500 watts for the...
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    noob question how to clean the ph pen

    hey whats up everyone looking at my ph pen it seems to build up some crystals and residue faster then my old one and i have had this one only a month. my question is how do you clean the ph pen meter area from crystals or other things without ruining the pen or messing up PH calibrations? anyone...
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    Fungus Gnats? Used Diatomaceous Earth any suggestions next?

    hey guys hows it going, so i recently encountered some fungus gnats im pretty sure. started seeing some holes in the leaves a week or two ago and shrugged it off didnt see pest. well yesterday i was staring and talking to the plants and just hangin in the room. I see my soil movin, im like whoa...
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    Yellowing new growth and inbetween the growth/leaves

    hey hows it going guys i had to create a new account haven't been on in like 10 years now everything was going good LOL, so here's my story, recently moved to a new town PH is high from start off. im a month 1/2 into a new grow the last 2 weeks the yellow started happening in between the veins...