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    how to make seeds

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    creating seeds

    so if i order some lowryder seeds take my best female and my best male pollinate the female will the seeds be a auto flowering?
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    fan exhust

    my room is 3x5x6. i am going to have a 600w hps light. i plan on putting a charchol filiter to clean the air before i exhust
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    fan exhust

    i am planning on using a 6" fan in my room. i want to run my duct work from my room to my dryer duct work. my dryer uses a 4" duct. i want to reduce the 6" to 4". it is about 2 feet of 4" untill it leaves the house. would this ok to do? will it put too much stress on my fan?
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    lowryder seeds

    i have already checked that site. they wont send to us
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    lowryder seeds

    i have been working on getting some lowryder seed for awhile now with no luck. so i turned for some help. joint dr has the real deal but will not ship to me. does anyone know a seedbank that sells the real joint dr lowryder that will ship to the us. i know about drchronic but there is a lot of...
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    bud rot worms

    thanks for all the posts and info. but none of these worms are the same ones i got. the worms that are attacking my buds live inside the bud. as i trim the buds i can tell every time when i am going find one. i will have a nice sized bud. then some where on the bud i will find some of it that is...
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    bud rot worms

    as i am cutting my harvest for the year i am noticing a bunch of bud rot. after checking it out further i am noticing worms in the area where the bud rot is taking place. after asking around some people are calling them bud rot worms, some calling them thc worms. what ever you want to call them...
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    injured plant

    never said important. said major. when it broke off it took a chunck of the stalk with it.
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    how far along

    last night when checking out my plants i noticed that they are starting to show some hairs. i know with indoor plants it usally takes 2 weeks after you switch the lights to start seeing hairs. so does od work like id. are my plants about 2 weeks into flowering? just looking for some thoughts
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    injured plant

    so last night i went and checked out my ladies. previously i had done some lst on my plants. tieing the branches up with fishing line to get more sun light to the middle of the plant. well last night i got tangled up in one of the lines. i ended up ripping of one of the major branches of the...
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    stable ph

    they sure do. i must have look past this link when i visited earlier.
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    stable ph

    so when using this three part system, do you use only one at a time, or do you mix the three together. if you mix the three together how do you know how much of each to use and when do you know when to change
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    just wanted to check

    i am planning on switching my operation from soil to hydro. i have been doing lots of reading on hydro and have come up with a plan. i just want to run it by the experts before i go spend money on **** i dont need. heres the plan: i have a 10 x 6 room split into 2. so 2 5x6 rooms. i have a...
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    dont want to take clones when your plant is flowering. they take much longer to root, and you put lots of stress on that clone.
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    PH testing question...

    they way i test my soil ph is quite simple. what i do is test the ph of my water. i water my plants then catch the first run off of water. then check the ph of my run off water. the ph should be close to the ph of the water before you watered. if your ph is off, just dig a few inches of soil...
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    what next

    when i dug my holes i mixed in high N bat guano. so i pretty much count on that to feed my plants untill flower time. i do water with more bat guano through out the vegie peirod. when they do start to flower what do you feed them. does the high p bat guano supply every thing that i need. or...
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    what next

    just went last night to check out my ladies. they are all doing very well. i really have no problem growing a nice healthy plant, but my problems come when they start to flower. i know it will be another month or 2 before they start to flower but i like to be prepared. lookin for suggestions...
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    early clones

    i pulled clones off 2 of my mother plants that have been sexed and female. now i want to take clones off some of my other plants, but they are not old enough to sex yet. i want these clones to be on the same pace as my other clones. will it work to pull clones off early, root them and get...
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    i have been doing a lot of reading on lst out doors. people are saying that they get like 7 to 8 tops with out topping their plants. i am very cerious on how to do that. i beleave this is how it is done but i want to make sure and get any tips that might help me on my way. do you just take...