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  1. TheNukeHead

    Good read💚
  2. TheNukeHead

    Grand Daddy Purple (Auto), Fat Banana (Auto), Purple Dawn (Photo Period), and Green Crush (Photo Period)

    Tell Cody I sent you✌💚👽 I'm excited for this next grow😁 Started germination today. 2 Autos in 2x4 and photo in 2x2. I am going to try to get full potential from these phenos so I want them to have as much space as possible. Goal is to get more out of 3 plants than 5 with...
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    First Auto harvest

    White Widow Auto and NukeHead Auto
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    New Grow (2 photos+3Autos)

    Had my first harvest today and moved the ladies from the nursery into the big girl tent. I have the harvest hanging in the nursery. I made a lot of mistakes on my first grow but also learned a lot.✌️💚 I have added pictures of my harvest of "Pineapple Chunk and Master Kush", along with pictures...
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    End of week 6 in flower

    Master Kush & pineapple Chunk👽 My little ladies are fattening up! Trichomes are going milky, but waiting for some amber. That's cool though. I figure that gives them 2-3 more weeks to get even more plump. I feel like I've done pretty good for my first grow but idk. 5 ladies waiting in my...
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    Wrinkled leaves(Cause for concern?)

    This is my second grow tent (2x2 running Mars Hydro TS600) which I am calling my nursery as I plan on starting them in here and moving them to my bigger tent (2x4 running Mars Hydro TSL2000) So the issue is my ladies in here are getting wrinkled leaves but still look very green and healthy. This...
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    Week 4 of flower ( Master Kush & Pineapple Chuck)

    The Chunk is getting so frosty. And the smell and the coloring it's living up to her name
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    Growing software?

    Does anybody know of a software to keep track of each plant and strain? What and when you feed them ect.
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    Week 3 of Flower (Master Kush & Pineapple Chuck)

    They have been through some ups and downs but everything seems to be going well now :)
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    Beginning of week 3 in flower (I think they are going to be okay)

    Well I've had a few issues that I have worried myself over for the last couple of weeks, but everything seems to be back on track. I wanted to thank you guys again for answering my stupid questions and helping me out with the lights, deficiency issues and insect problems. You ease my mind and...
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    Nutrients needed?

    Auto flowers are started and I have used nutes on my photo periods in small doses. Can I and/or should I use nutes for Autos?
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    Not an infestation, but they need to be gone!

    Needing any recommendations of insecticide or miticide that won't harm my plants. I'm about 3 weeks into flower and I don't want to do anything to mess up their growth or possibly kill them. Pretty sure it's spider mites as I have found 2 leaves so far that look like they have been munched on.
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    End of week 1 in bloom (I have no idea what I'm doing lol)

    This my first grow so take it easy on me please! Master Kush "Madam" on the left Pineapple Chunk "Chunk" on the right. Not sure if it's just the strain or if I just suck at this but Chunk was the first to sprout and Madam has out grown her by quite a bit. Both were fed the same nutes and trained...
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    First Auto Flower Grow and need some advice!

    I just got some Auto seeds and I have a couple of questions before I start them. Because of my space I am concerned about NOT defoliating at all (which some are saying it's okay and others say No) So I pose the same question here. Is it okay to defoliate and how badly will it slow down growth...
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    What's going on here? Nute burn, or something else?

    So my ladies are in first week of flower and I'm getting some discoloration on the leaves. I'm pretty sure this is nute burn and flushed them last night. But I just want to make sure I'm not making things worse. Any ideas?
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    New indoor grower! And I'm in love with Mary Jane (but just growing her)

    First of all I want to say thank you to the Admins. for the add. I should have been here a long time ago. I'm a new grower (as in my first two ladies were just flipped into flower a week ago.) I guess the strange thing about me is that I have fallen in love with growing in the past 4 months or...