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  1. leafminer

    What IS this rot problem?

    I am vigilant so picked this up early, yet another plant going bad. So far just two lower branches on one side, I broke them off and removed them. I don't understand why minor flowering has gone rotten yet on the other side the bud is much thicker and still appears perfectly ok. Anyone have any...
  2. leafminer

    outdoor / greenhouse

    Why is the rate of growth visibly faster in a greenhouse? Is it just that the greenhouse is even hotter inside than the outside temperature? Or what? I moved my Grow #1 from outdoors into the greenhouse and they've all gone zoooooom 'o we like this'. 5 ft now but the roof is 8ft, I should...
  3. leafminer


    PM? Or something else? It's just possible it's only potash, I was throwing that on the lawn and it was blowing about a bit.
  4. leafminer

    Nothing to be done

    I think we all know what this is, right?
  5. leafminer

    Pots, or pots or bags?

    What do you think of this? Grow Bags vs. Plastic Pots - Planting Containers I find my plastic pots get too hot and I am sure the roots don't like that. I think terracotta pots would be far better because the moisture constantly permeates through and evaporates, cooling the pot. But 5 gallon...
  6. leafminer

    New Mexico legal now.

    A friend in New Mexico has just informed me that today, the recreational use of cannabis was legalised. Hooray!
  7. leafminer

    In ONE day! Argh!

    I have NO idea what caused this. None. It looks as if it's been sprayed with herbicide. Or burnt. I don't understand. The ones immediately left and right of it were fine. It's one of my autos.
  8. leafminer

    Grow #1.

    First grow this year. March to May seeding dates. I began in late January but all the early ones turned out to be male. (??) Second grow is about a month later than this one. These are 1 sativa, some hybrids, and a few indicas. The thing in the black bin is a throwback, it doesn't look anything...
  9. leafminer

    Herbies package arrived.

    No problem with my order from Herbies. It wasn't stealth though! But I don't think it was opened. Nice freebies with it. Recommended.
  10. leafminer


    Little auto showing how much indica I added to this strain with its fat leaves. AK48 x (Black Domina x Oaxaca) Black Domina x Oaxaca seedling. Black Domina x Oaxaca, early flowering. One of my indicas, possibly crossed with a triffid, showing off its muscles, bending right over to catch the...
  11. leafminer

    Blue Mystic. (Absolute rubbish)

    This is no longer stocked by Nirvana and I should say it's just as well. I got a really big harvest of ... nothing. No detectable THC at all. I composted the lot.
  12. leafminer

    18-year old strain.

    I believe I've identified the genetics of Ceremonial #1, a strain I've been growing 18 years now. I'm growing some seed of what I think was the original pheno. The seeds are at least 18 years old, so the germination rate has been about 60%. But the seedlings look the same as some seedlings of...
  13. leafminer

    Male Domina 6 weeks

    Sown 24 March, this is obviously male. I only put in two, the reasons being (1) I had only 6 seeds left, and (2) I rarely grow this strain. I like the smoke but it is not good for bud rot, far too prone to it. However I got lucky, the other one isn't showing yet, I'm reasonably sure it's female...
  14. leafminer

    Cycas revolutas (cycads)

    I have two impressive specimens of these and they are flowering. Unfortunately they are both female. If I can find a male in a nursery, in flower, does anyone know how to pollinate? I can't move the palms, they are big.
  15. leafminer

    Here's a question.

    Some years ago I grew AK48 and wasn't impressed. But I crossed it with my best indica strain to see what would happen and harvested enough seed to keep going for a while if the cross was good. Lo and behold it came out well, but ever since I have been gradually running out of seed. (The hybrid...
  16. leafminer

    Trichoderma Harzianum

    Is anyone using this? It is a fungus that kills bad fungi, but also (supposedly) improves plant nutrition. I have ordered some.
  17. leafminer

    Another lost crop

    Can anyone tell me what's happening here? This started out just fine. In the last few weeks though, even with the days getting longer, it has turned into this rubbish and has no sign of any resin at all. Not sticky, no smell. This is the second time this has happened and I am getting really angry.
  18. leafminer

    Black mould - experimental cure.

    Indoor growers probably won't get this problem. At this time of year I can get a small second crop, but I always get the same problem: black fungus (mould) growing on the leaves. Since I'm a chemist I have come up with an experimental treatment. The requirements are: 1. Must not damage or be...
  19. leafminer

    The strange season

    This year has been nothing like I have seen before. Around February a friend brought me an ancient bud, all dark brown. Being out of herb I tried it and was blown away. The following day I bought some Chronic which was excellent but the ancient bud was even better. I found some seeds in it so...
  20. leafminer

    Anhydrous alcohol

    Been a long time... Had a good harvest this year so am looking to do some extraction. I have tried in the past with alcohol but the usual watery mess resulted. However, now, I can obtain anhydrous (water free) ethanol. If I can dry the bud 100%, maybe using a dessicating chamber ... is it...