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  1. Airbone

    Gelato auto

    One of my auto flowers is struggling pretty bad. It was very droopy, I figured overwater. I let everything completely dry and watered very sparingly. Made sure it was dry and watered again last night. Still super sad looking and has some rust colored spots on a couple large fan leaves. Outer...
  2. Airbone

    Orange haze

    I have one orange haze plant that is very yellow. Plant looks healthy other than the color. The guy I got the clone from said the mother plant looks exactly the same. So probably genetic but has anyone had this happen to a plant. And if so what was the result? Basically wondering if this plant...
  3. Airbone

    A little help please

    A friend of mine has an issue he thinks is a bug of some sort. Anyone know what this is?
  4. Airbone


    Anyone used FloraFlex nutrients before. Curious on opinions and feed amounts, My friend bought me some insisting on me trying it over the fox farms trio.
  5. Airbone

    Need some help please

    One of my ladies in my flower tent has started to get brown edges on some of the fan leaves. Also those affected leaves curl up as well. Anyone know what’s happening? And what should I do to fix it? thanks
  6. Airbone


    This popped up overnight on one of my seedlings. Is it nutrient burn?
  7. Airbone

    Has anyone used this.

    Was at the local Hydro store getting some nutes. I was looking at the molasses and asked the owner. He suggested this instead.
  8. Airbone


    I have an indoor and outdoor thread out there, but new tent new thread lol. Gunna put all my outdoor and indoor stuff here from now on. Here’s the new tent. Viviosun 4x4 with spider farmer 4000 watt led. Ac infinity cloud line 6” fan.
  9. Airbone


    I have a buddy who grows as well. He tells me I should be stripping a ton of fan leaves off these. Says it’s ok as long as you don’t do it over day 25. They are in day 10 of flower now. Opinions?
  10. Airbone


    What is this? They don’t seem to be on the plants at all but running around everywhere in the green house.
  11. Airbone


    Had a big storm come through… this hydro Barrel WAS buried.. One of my plant in the greenhouse that was on the ground got a good unexpected watering. Man that barrel is going to be fun to re bury.
  12. Airbone


    After my hydro catastrophe, with plants dying from crowded root tubes. I was able to save 3 of 7 of them. I have some more clones out here as well I took before I tried to transplant everything from hydro set up to soil. I also have one left in the hydro tube. This one has a whole tube to...
  13. Airbone


    Wondering if Any of you use it. I have a water store down the road and can get it at 25c a gallon. I have been using spring water at 99c a gallon so far.
  14. Airbone


    I am switching these 4 to flower. I do have to repot at least 1… My question is… will it hurt them to repot after a week into flower? And also should I stop my feeding schedule for a bit after I repot? Don’t mind the chihuahua. He likes the smell in here.. Lol
  15. Airbone

    Got a mutant

    This one has a 10th point growing up out of the middle. It has been a weird one since it popped up.
  16. Airbone

    Any suggestions

    Hello So my greenhouse hydro set up is a bust. Not enough root room in my plant tubes so I am trying to transplant to soil to save them. I did two this morning and they don’t look so good right now. Any suggestions on how to transplant or when and maybe something to help not stress these plants...
  17. Airbone

    Light question

    Got a 27x27 spider farmer tent kit. Came with a sf 1000. Plan on using this tent for a mother plant. Is the one light enough? It says 100 watt input 1000 watt led output.
  18. Airbone

    Yellowing leaves still

    Hey guys had an issue a while back with yellowing leaves. Came to conclusion it was a magnesium deficiency. I got my ph in line for hydro now at 5.8 and upped the cal mag. Using now over recommended dose and still getting more yellows. Any other thing it could be? All the yellows are the large...
  19. Airbone

    First indoor grow

    Hey guys I am planning on starting my first attempt at an indoor grow. I’ll be growing Runtz S1, OG Kush x 9lb Hammer and black lime special reserve is what the last one is marked. Plan on using a 3x3 tent with a 1000 watt viper spectra with adjustable veg/flower light spectrums. Will get...
  20. Airbone

    Happy summer solstice

    Happy summer solstice to all the outdoor peeps. May your buds be large!