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  1. SusanneH

    Captain Jack’s Dead Bug does NOT kill Spider Mites! What does?

    I just spent a fortune ($29.99 for 32 oz, 3 bottles now) for Captain Jack’s Deadbug to kill Spider Mites (and other bugs, so it says). After the first time, I scoped the leaves, and found dead mites, so I was happy. But, I harvested today, after spraying two more times, and found LIVE mites. I...
  2. SusanneH

    Making bubble hash with fresh frozen for first time. Question.

    I’m harvesting the first of my garden right now, and it’s mostly small stuff, so I’m cutting it for hash. I’ve been fresh freezing it,, and have two gallon bags now. It’s for bubble hash, and I need to know how you figure out how much to use. I only have an over/under refrigerator/freezer, so...
  3. SusanneH

    No one ever said bubble hash didn’t taste or smell good

    Just thought I’d check…. I made bubble hash a few weeks ago, and it tastes terrible and smells as bad! I hadn’t heard anything about it, so I thought I’d ask to see if I made some sort of mistake *don’t see how ;)* to make it do that, but ??? My husband doesn’t smoke, so he really smells it...
  4. SusanneH

    Bubble Hash….a little disappointing after all that ..

    I finally, and I mean finally,…because it took me almost 2 years after I bought my BH bags to make the bubble hash to actually do it. … The 1st year I had trouble with the crop & didn’t have enough to invest even 3 oz into something I’d never done before, so last year’s crop, being enough was...
  5. SusanneH

    What to do with NON-AUTOFLOWER plants that flowered at 8-12” high & are now revenging?

    Hi! I’ve been working on a first for me. I’ve grown for five years now. This year I did not stray from the methods used in the past: planted in trays outside *IN THE SAME PLACE AS THE GARDEN* my seeds, which sprouted fine. One strain, White Widow, is the same as last year (for reference)...