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  1. RonnieB

    8 plant grow at day 41 and 31

    Select full screen to see better. The 3 gallon plants were planted 10 days later. Theres only 3. The rest are 41 days. I think this is my best grow so far. Im pleased with bud production at this stage.
  2. RonnieB

    Topping autos twice

    I topped 4 auto flowers 2 times and they are doing great. Ill get pictures. Im fairly sure I topped them correctly. They just started w4 and are preflowering right on time. Mephisto Ripley's OG Ethos OG Kush x2 and Ethos banana daddy. Im counting 9 plus main colas now.
  3. RonnieB

    Auto flower will not flower

    My buddy has a Barney farm auto at week 7 or 9 and showing no signs of flowering. He switched to 12/12 lights thinking it could be a photo and still nothing. Anyone ever see such?
  4. RonnieB

    LST newbies. This will give you a little more yield

    If you tie down your plants. We all know the main reaches the edges of the container and has to go vertical. When it gets to the edge slowly turn it left or right and retie. You're gonna have to keep bending it and it forms a circle keeping your plant nice and flat. Follow the red line in picture
  5. RonnieB

    Night Owl/ Mephisto restocked on night owls latest releases. These are all autos. Night Owl is basically Mephisto. One or two guys from Mephisto started it. So the genetics and quality are the same.
  6. RonnieB

    I know better next time

    I cut my buds into smaller nugs, to remove those thick stems. This did hurt bag appeal. But a guy said i gave him shit weed. In fact it was 100% bud. Where did I go wrong? I was trying to be nice. It did hurt bad appeal because the nugs were now without support and softer. Ivdont know but open...
  7. RonnieB


    28 hours after feeding with raw silica, raw humic, and base nutrients
  8. RonnieB

    18.4 ounces cured so far

    Im finally weighing my grow of 4 plants, my 1st grow. I have 4 containers to go . So far I am at 18.4 cured ounces. That aint 2 bad considering the watts, or lack there of, I was producing. Each plant was under 28 inches too. That ain't bad is it?
  9. RonnieB

    Grow off and sponsors?

    Anyway we can get the sponsors to donate some prizes for an honest to goodness indoor grow off? Auto category and photo category
  10. RonnieB

    Garden Supply Guys

    If you're like me and have to order almost everything. Check out garden supply guys for your growing needs. Especially for saucers and pot/planter elevators. Shipping is expensive but its the cheapest that I've found, so its best to buy in bulk. Or multiple items
  11. RonnieB

    My new saucer drainer

    500ml. 15 bucks shipped from Amazon
  12. RonnieB

    The stump keeps budding

    I pulled a few buds off. I cut this plant 3 weeks ago lol
  13. RonnieB

    RAW NPK fertilizer and supplements are pure fire!!

    I fed my sprout for the 1st time with my new nutrients line from RAW NPK 29-60-51 NPK with their silica, and their 57% humic acid. I mixed 1/8 and 1/16 of a tsp with a gallon of room temperature well water thats 22ppm and 5.5-6.0 ph naturally. I poured it into a large cup and added tribus grow...
  14. RonnieB

    Couple spots of mold

    These giant buds are hanging in a well ventilated area, not crowded, and I found a little bit of mold. Not a lot, but it was on 3 or 4 buds. The contaminated was cut away and I cut the buds up and placed them in a paper bag with a hydrometer. Should I burp the bag like jars? Humidity is 81% on...
  15. RonnieB

    What should my next grow be?

    Im waiting on my new light. I can comfortably grow 6-8 plants now. So, what should I grow? Here's the choices Mephisto Double Grape, Mephisto Hubbabubbasmellascope, RocBudinc Grape dosibreath, RocBudinc Purple Roc parent cut edition, RocBudinc Grape Slurricane, RocBudinc magic cookies, Seedsman...
  16. RonnieB

    Huge bud drying times?

    Im down to my last 2 plants drying. These 2 had monster size buds. Im at 55%-65% if fluctuates, humidity. These buds are on their 2nd week and are still very wet. I cut a few buds up an placed them in ventilated cardboard boxes and it helped. Their odor is still very good and not hay smelling...
  17. RonnieB

    Amazon cal mag deal
  18. RonnieB

    How my 1st grow was a big success

    This website is partly why my very 1st grow was a big success. I did manifold and lollipop my plants and they are autos. Theres many articles here. Covering every possible subject Nebula's Manifold - Cannabis "Main-Lining" | Grow Weed Easy
  19. RonnieB

    Fastbuds Gorilla Glue week 13

    Pheno gg and regular gorilla glue week 13. Probably go 17 weeks.
  20. RonnieB

    When to cut Cal Mag back in coco

    Every experienced grower knows you add cal mag to benefit the coco, not your plants. However, once your plants hit flower, your coco has become far more stable. You then can cut your cal mag doses by more than half. This is good because you can use more bloom boosters to fill the EC void the cal...