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  1. CanadianChron

    All Purpose Plant Food?

    I bought this plant food but it says 2 scoops per 2.5L of water. How much should i put in a spray can that is 800ml and do i spray it on the leaves or in the soil...?
  2. CanadianChron

    new to growing

    what is the best type of fertilizer to use? Could have a specific name please...and do i spray the plant down with water after i spray it with fertilizer? do i do this everyday or is there schedule i should follow?
  3. CanadianChron


    My friend has a pretty big plant and i was jus wondering if all i have to do was cut a branch off to get a clone....sorry this might sound really stupid
  4. CanadianChron

    inside of the seed?

    uhhh im still learn with this growing so... when i germinated the seed the inside grew so big it broke off from the seed. So now it is jus like the insides of the seed. Which part of the seed should i put facing down in the soil? the side with the white thing hanging off ? lol!!
  5. CanadianChron

    Picking the buds

    Sorry im a rook at this.. but is there a certain type of fetlizer I should use? Also when my plants start to bud how do i pick them and then how should I go bout drying them?