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    Harvest day

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    Dream clone

    go go gadget flower 🌼
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    So I know 12/12 is the standard time frame for flowering.. but just how much more dark can I get away with? I changed the timer 3 hours forward so I can actually get in there when I'm here... with that lag in the timer catching up I thought it might be a problem. But!,.. to my surprise it was...
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    The color

    I had to show yall this... put a gallon of runoff on my roses she gave me this... the reds are so deep I just had to share
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    So young

    Just a baby.
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    Up there

    See that stake? It's 6' tall.. thunder @uck on juice 💪 lol
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    Small issue

    What deficiency is this? Couple clones I have are growing like crazy but this particular problem keeps showing up on my plants
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    Excuse me

    Hi all excuse me for being shy at first. This ofcourse being legal now it is still a hard habit to break. I...we have been waiting for a long time. Thanks for all the help so far this site is priceless for the info and the friendly occupants.
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    Heat issue solved?

    hooked up my second light got a little warm sooo. I got this coming..😎 good yeah?
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    *** is this? It's on my big blue dream half way through flower
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    does this look done or wait longer... I really got to get her out the tent my clone is pushing her out.. wasn't expecting it to take so fast 😊
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    My girls

    I have been contemplating which pic I should use for bud of the month for about a week.. you do realize how hard this is.?... its like comparing Jennifer Aniston to Jessica Alba....impossible lol
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    A few of this evening snaps.. couple more weeks
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    First auto 90%