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  1. NENugs420

    Moisture content

    Let’s talk about it, 10%-12% in the bag and out the door. Agree or disagree and why? Go.
  2. NENugs420

    Anyone know what this is?

    So plants are about 4 weeks veg, very happy but new fan leaves are spotted? Anyone know what this is? Need to worry about it? Everything else seems in good shape.
  3. NENugs420

    Seed Storage

    What is the best way to store seeds? Please advise. Thank you.
  4. NENugs420

    Do these look leggy?

    These are 4 818 headbands that germinated in 2 days, put in rock wool, came up next day and this is day 4. It was close to 80 first 2 days but I got the AC rigged in and it has been 70 last 2 days. Are they stretchy??? Also when should I put them in soil? When riots start to come out bottom...
  5. NENugs420

    New at cloning, any advice would be appreciated

    Hey guys have done a few runs indoors but just getting into cloning, I took six cuts off a friends OGKB, used a new scalpel, put directly into water, cut off extra leaves, dipped in cloneX, put into rockwool cubes that had been soaked in water PH at 5.5, placed in humidity dome with heating pad...