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    What do you guys think of this? Hermie?

    Hi guys been in the closet for a couple months. Finally started budding my plants and i have a question. *** is this? Hermie?
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    Marijuana Growing terms

    Hey guys was wondering if there was a sticky on marijuana growing terms? For instance i see a lot of people here say, "Topping it"? whats that mean?
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    Stock Turning Purple?

    ahhhAHHHHH!!!! Main stalk or stem has turned purple...i know this is a serious defeciency. Phosphorous right? How do i fix this problem? I never changed any watering or added nutrient after flushing. Only thing i have changed is light cycle 18/6 to 24/0 what is happening here? Can the light be...
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    Seed Banks

    Been thinking about buying some seeds, but affraid to? Can anyone please re-assure me that i'm not going to a Marc Emery type bank? and also will P.O. Box be safe enough? and also if that Box was outside in sub temp. condition like say 12 deg.? will it be ok?
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    Cloning CLONES

    Hi Guys, me again. Was wondering if i cloned a clone of a clone of a clone? say 3 gen down. (strictly CLONE) Will bud production yield less? and would it be less potent than original plant? Reason i am asking, is i accuired some new clones. But i dont know how many gens down the line they are?
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    Hi Guys, Been a CLOSET READER at this forum for 2 months now, been wanting to reg. but was too affraid. My plants are'nt looking so well so i had no choice. First i want to say, There are a lot of wonderful and brilliant people in this forum. All give awesome and inovative ideas and advise to...