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  1. Hick

    Sexual Perversion

    ??? That's "basically" the process for 'selfing' any strain/pheno'.
  2. Hick

    MH or dual spectrum bulbs?

    Merry Christmas ricky(all)jack(ed up) :D
  3. Hick

    A Hillbilly's guide to Gorilla Growing

    nice! thanks ozzie :)
  4. Hick

    12/1 lighting--Any truth or banana in the tail pipe?

    Chapter 4 ... "FACTORS influencing thc production"... Research has shown (Valle et al. 1978) that nearly twice as much thc is produced under a 12 hour photo-period than under a 10 hour photo-period"...
  5. Hick

    12/1 lighting--Any truth or banana in the tail pipe?

    I dont recall the specific conversation pc, but my first guess would be that I posted the information found in this old antiquated text ;) ... hxxp:// It's still "IMHO" the most concise and correct book I've found on mj...
  6. Hick

    MH or dual spectrum bulbs?

    rickyjack you are entitled to your opinion, and entitled to express it... "in a civil" manner and without belittling and degrading statements. Until you prove with scientific data that 'your opinion' is factual, it is nothing more than an opinion. beware of 'snake-oil salesmen'.....
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    Website suggestions-

    S'mom, I managed to move this section to the bottom for you, but still looking into the "clubs" thread/section :)
  8. Hick

    Autos or Photos? Its a bit long, but a pretty good discussion and information on light choices
  9. Hick

    HPS or LEDS

    the member you quoted posted that over 3 years ago. 3 years ago, I don't recall ANYONE getting the results that the latest technology is apparently allowing. ie 3 years ago, his statement was entirely correct..
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    thank gawd he wasn't sellin crack! :p
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    Growing Resources - Go here first before asking your questions.

    weathers chillin' off.. all the vermin are looking for an open door ozzie :p
  12. Hick

    I have Nat Problem

    A couple inches of playground sand on top of your soil will help curb the reproduction too.
  13. Hick

    I have Nat Problem

    ....yuuuuup and gnats are primarily a product of over watering/keeping soil too moist. Allow pots to dry significantly between waterings ;)
  14. Hick

    flowers slow to mature

    yup.. pistils/hairs are a very poor indication for harvest time
  15. Hick

    Seed Production

    cuttings taken 'later' in flower, DO require more time to root 'n revert to veg. edit: ozie on the ball ;)
  16. Hick

    Seed Production

    Clones grow just as big as plants from seed when allowed to. AND... you're certain of having only identical fem's.
  17. Hick

    Seed Production

    "hermies procreate hermies"..... there maybe an ..."acceptable" method for 'selfing' a strain, but is rather extensive and involves chemical sexual reversal, of a clone then using that reversed clone as a source of pollination to another clone of the same strain. THEN... those seeds should be...
  18. Hick

    bubble bag question

    I finally had to stop 'mixing' in the blue bag for that reason.(Had the bags for 10 years) Save your bags!! just mix in a bare bucket then pour it through the blue :p