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  1. mahakala

    Best state to be a pothead?

    Marc Emery is not only a big seed seller, he is also a very big medicinal marijuana activist. And for anyone who has bought seeds from him, beware, the DEA has seized the mailing list from his store and are probably cookin up some entrapment scheme. As for Canada being safer for smokers, I...
  2. mahakala

    Tax evasion?????

    Maybe I should have explained it better. He is a medicinal user, not a dealer. He wasn't "blatant" about anything. Simply possesing that much is considered trafficking.
  3. mahakala

    How Do You Make GOOD Hash?

    Eat it? That must be a different buzz. I'll have to try that. Up here hash goes for $10 (CDN) a gram or 5 for $40. I always get 5.
  4. mahakala


    Don't miss it too much, around here they are crackin down hard. The government just announced that meth has reached our area and they are blaming weed. A buddy of mine used to grow but stopped after his last harvest cause he is too scared of gettin busted.
  5. mahakala

    Tax evasion?????

    The leader of the Marijuana Party in Nova Scotia was just fined $24,000 (CDN) for tax evasion. Nothin' suspicious here? Keep reading 'cause this is the dumbass part: He sold 4 kgs of weed a few years ago and DIDN'T DECLARE THE INCOME!! Canada Customs and Revenue said they don't care how a person...
  6. mahakala

    Basics of Marijuana

    Geez, some peoples children!
  7. mahakala

    Basics of Marijuana

    AMEN!! On a sadder note, I just lost 5 grams of good hash :mad: . I had to re-arrange my place for my new iguana and can't find my stash!
  8. mahakala


    Hey man, I was just asking. By the way, what about the other 1%? :D
  9. mahakala

    Basics of Marijuana

    Hash is to weed as rum is to....well....rum and coke. It is a different high, but a good high. And if you get your hands on some good stuff (that isn't cut with vaseline or some shit) try it. Lebanese Blonde is my fav, although it hasn't been available here in Atlantic Canada for years. And as...
  10. mahakala


    i made tincture once (happy booze) but some festering piece of distended rectum tossed a rock through my patio door and stole it and half my wardrobe. I never got to try it :mad: ! Now I can't even drink alcohol 'cause it makes me sick. Oh well, green is MUCH BETTER!! Just out of curiosity, why...
  11. mahakala


    Man, I don't know how to get it but the way you describe it got my mouth waterin'. Where I live, it is damn near impossible to get any real good mj. I keep looking for some REAL Lebanese blonde hash. It seems to have disapeared like the rest of the old school shit. Crying shame, it is.
  12. mahakala

    Greetings and Hallucinations

    'Hi, my name is Mahakala and I am a drug addict' 'Hi, Mahakala. What are you addicted to? Cocaine, crack, meth?' '' 'Get the **** out! This group is for people with serious problems' And that is how I came to be here.