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  1. El Diablo Verde

    FDA finds no use for medical MJ According to this article, the FDA has ignored both private and government studies about the matter and simply stated that no scientific studies support it's legitimate use as medicine. More of that politics before science **. MMM, bureaucracy
  2. El Diablo Verde

    Anybody Had Budder?

    "The top Budder sample was 99.6% pure," Hornby explained, "which means if you had an ounce of it, only a tiny fraction of a gram would be anything other than cannabinoids. We also tested Budder for toxins, solvents, molds, diseases, heavy metals and other contaminants. There were none. It's...
  3. El Diablo Verde

    New Hydro grower needs set up help

    I've recently made the decision to switch over to hydroponics and was wondering if anybody could give me some recommendations of an economical set-up to utilize a 1000w HPS and some strains that excel in hydro. Thinking about maybe starting with this...
  4. El Diablo Verde

    Help with first hydro set up

    Hey guys. I've recently discovered a local hydro shop and hjave been thinking more and more about settting up my next grow hydroponically. Only problem is I've never done it before. I was looking for some tips/tricks for setting up a grow in relitively small space for around $500-$600. I was...
  5. El Diablo Verde

    The Green Devil has arrived!

    Hey everybody. Not my first forum, but I decided to join a new one when I got more serious with the grow op. I used to guerilla grow plants in south florida year round in middle school and high school but indoor is totally different so I need a lil help from experts and a lot of the senior...
  6. El Diablo Verde

    YELLOW SPOTS on new leaves?

    2 out of the 4 plants in closet are getting yellow, almost clear spots right along the veins. Does anybody know what this is and how i can effectly get rid of it? Thanks. 1.Soil 2.Premixed Miracle Gro 10-15-10 soil (no fert for first 2 weeks, then leach every 2) 310-15-10 plant food every other...
  7. El Diablo Verde

    Hid Help!!!

    I have 4 plants growing in a small closet with 3 28" flours (plant and aquarium type) and 2 120w phillips plant bulbs. They are still in veg and growing good but I want to get some HID for the flowering stage. I cant find any sources locally (central florida0 and was wondering if anybody could...