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  1. ShOrTbUs

    anyone ever try it?

    hxxp:// that's some seriously cheap soil. 5$ for 1cf is really good. i pay 18$ for 1.5cf of fox farms ocean Forrest. i'll deff continue with the fox farms light warrior for seedlings...
  2. ShOrTbUs

    first time veg garden

    individual containers: (p) raised bed: (b) corn (p) broccoli (p) bell peppers (p) tomatoes (p) cauliflower (p) celery (b) lettuce (b) cucumbers (b) carrots (b) strawberries (?) what size pots would you recommend for the plants going in individual containers? i have my raised bed layed out...
  3. ShOrTbUs

    question about "new posts"

    is there an option that i can change so that when i click "new posts" all threads that have posts that i have not viewed will remain on the "new posts" page. often i will view a thread for a long amount of time. and when i go back to "new posts" all of the other new posts are gone.
  4. ShOrTbUs

    what happened to the forum?

    what happened to the forums "marijuana passion" header? and it seems the forum colors have changed as well. is there changes being made that i missed?
  5. ShOrTbUs

    bubble bag question

    planning my first go at hash. are the bubble bags worth it? 95$ for the cheapest kit seems kinda expensive for 4 bags with holes in them. are they worth it? is there a cheaper, but just as effective way of making hash? i think i'm going to use the dry ice method, unless there is an easier way...
  6. ShOrTbUs

    question about temps

    in the past 3 weeks my avg low is about 58F, but 3 of the day's it dropped below 50F. its only going to get worse leading into october. is it better to cut her down now? or wait it out? next 10 days: avg low 56F , the weather people around here are rarely right though. the plant >>>...
  7. ShOrTbUs

    problem uploading a picture

    "Invalid Post specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator" this popped up in my "manage attachments" window after failing to upload a png file anyone else upload their pics using png format?
  8. ShOrTbUs

    stealth armoire

    finally got all moved in to the new house. we're renting now, so i figured i'd better get a little stealthy this time around. the armoire is 70"high, 40"wide, and 24"deep. going to run a 400w cooltube setup, and a 2' 4 bulb t5. going with a 2 plant scrog in organic super soil. not much to...
  9. ShOrTbUs

    NJ MMJ program doomed to fail

    hxxp:// ...guess this means they didn't accept my resume. i'm sad now, time to :bong:
  10. ShOrTbUs

    Zero Water

    has anyone else seen the commercials? it basically looks like the brita water pitcher. its supposed to filter out 100% of dissolved solids in your water. haven't checked to see it's cost effectiveness yet, but looks like it could be a nice addition to a starter kit for people just getting into...
  11. ShOrTbUs


    lets all smoke one for the crazy storm rolling through the northeast. i'll try to get a pic of the massive hail that was hitting my house. :48:
  12. ShOrTbUs

    shortbus outdoor grow 2013

    i guess this summer is a good a time as ever to pop my outdoor cherry. this summer i'll be running 1 cali connection boss hogg. she's about 6-8 weeks old, and currently sitting in a 5 gal smart pot. already been sexed and topped once. i'll be transplanting her into the dirt tomorrow, so i'll...
  13. ShOrTbUs

    Gsc Psa

    today was the 4th time someone told me they found a seed or 2 in a bag of GSC. wondering if everyone else is seeing the same thing. watch out for those herms, for all the people out there growing a cut of this strain.
  14. ShOrTbUs

    more uv more trichs?

    i read somewhere that mj plants use the trichomes produced when flowering to block UV light. would that mean increasing the amount of UV light in your grow room also increase the amount of trichomes produced?:icon_smile:
  15. ShOrTbUs

    last chop b4 the move and summer

    all 4 are clones of the cannalope kush. the 1 that didn't get topped is about 14 days ahead of the other 3. :icon_smile:
  16. ShOrTbUs

    3D grow room designs

    google sketch up is awesome. i created this high tech grow room last night. nothing is to scale, but this is supposed to be a 10' X 13' X 9' room. 2 5x5 flower rooms. only running 1 set of lights that will reside in one room for 12 hrs then automatically move to room 2 for the next 12 hours...
  17. ShOrTbUs

    air exchange question

    been running my inline fan at 50% on the speedster speed controller, because temps are not an issue at all. do you think they're still getting enough air exchange when lights are on? its a 435cfm fan in a 3x3x8 space
  18. ShOrTbUs

    lumatek 400/250

    just picked up a new lumatek 400/250. is it worth it to use the super lumens settings? i like to buy the cheaper bulbs more ofter, rather then the expensive ones less often. i dunno if that factors into the equation or not, but figured i'd mention it.
  19. ShOrTbUs

    membership groups

    how does one go about creating a group?
  20. ShOrTbUs

    my first ss

    ok after a lot of research this is what i've come up with. this will be my first attempt at a super soil recipe. i'm sure there will be many many tweaks involved before i get it right. flowering SS: 1.5 cf FFOF .5 cf perlite 2 1/2 cups bone meal 1 cup dolomite lime 2 cups bio-tone plus 2 cups...