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  1. Reesche

    My last crop progress-Photography

    Hi you guys..... just thought I'd post a few photos of my last crop.... time to jar. A couple grow shots and some tricomb progress. Let me know what you think! Reesche
  2. Reesche

    4 - water flushes....... How much longer?

    Hey you guys.... These photos are 4- water flushes into prep for harvest.... I am noticing that more of the tricombs are turning tan/brown........ So, as soon as I decide to harvest, I should NOT water the plants for 4 - 5 days? Then cut to the base to hang in a black room? Anyway, check...
  3. Reesche

    Current photos of some tricombs....Ready to Harvest?

    Hi you guys.... Attached are some current photos of some of my Tricombs.....Types: Tangerine Dream, Tangie, Blue Cheese, (3) Girl Scout Cookies. Qusetion: is it time to stop fertilizing and flush them for several days before harvesting them? What I have noticed: Really stinky, tricombs are...
  4. Reesche

    May 12th Tricomb State..... wait?

    Hi You Guys..... Take a look at these shots of my girls.... Are any of the tricombs getting cloudy? Can some tell me what the "RED" shoots inside of some of the tricombs? Pretty stinky! Should I wait to harvest? Thanks! Reesche
  5. Reesche

    How do these tricombs look to you guys?

    Photos taken this week of the stage of my plants..... Still too clear? What are those little redish spikes in the interior of some of the tricombs? Let me know what you think! See attached jpegs. Thank you! Reesche
  6. Reesche

    Tricomb Viewing- Time to Harvest?

    Hi again you guys.... Sending a few attachments showing where my current crop is at...... My main question to all of you is..... "Is it time to Harvest"? These are shot with my new digital microscope...
  7. Reesche

    A good way of viewing your Tricombs?

    1. Hey again you guys.... A while back I purchased a small (Carson MM-300 Lighted Pocket Microscope) to view my Tricombs to tell when to harvest. That thing is really hard to use! Dept of field and focusing are near impossible. WAY too much gigling too with your hands etc. See attached jpeg...
  8. Reesche

    Are these ready to harvist or not...... ?

    Hi you guys! I have a couple questions concerning my crop.... General Info: • Started Germinating January 15th 2020. • March 18th 2020....Started the 12/12, Bloom Food 2-3-5, Red T5 lamps, Total Darkness when lights are off. • Under the flower regiment now for 5 - weeks • Plants are now...
  9. Reesche

    When to start flowering?

    Hi you guys, have a couple questions about my current crop..... Specs: • Started this crop on January 15th the jpegs I am attaching are 7 weeks or 50 days old. Plants are around 14" tall., • Types: Tangerine Dream, Tangie, Blue Cheese, (X3) Girl Scout Cookies. • 54 watts-T-5’s- X8...
  10. Reesche

    Are these Indica Plants?

    Hi you guys..... Reciently started another small batch of plants. The Attached photos are the 6 plants: • Tangerine Dream • Tangie • Blue Cheese • (3) Girl Scout Cookies. Looking into this 'I Think" these might be Indica plants.....What do you guys think? The leafs are much wider than my...
  11. Reesche

    Root Bound Containers?

    Hi you guys.... Just finished a crop and shot a few photos of the containers I had them in.... Would you consider these 2 containers root bound? They grew under (8) T-5 lights. Didn't get very tall but that's ok for the room. Probably do not need to grow any more than (6) plants with these...
  12. Reesche

    Is this a MALE?

    I am assuming this plant is a male..... little balls, wider length between nodes etc. I am right in the middle of flowering with my other Female plants..... I'm assuming I should get rid of it. Now, what do I do with it when I rape it? Do I hang it up upside down and let it cure like the...
  13. Reesche

    When to start flowering process?

    Hi you guys..... I have a couple attachments showing where I am with my crop. November 12 will be 3-months since germination. Been feeding them with Botanicare PURE BLEND PRO Grow Soil Nutrient 3-2-4. Lights: X8 bank T5's with all Blue bulbs. 18 hours per day light. Height now: 14" from...
  14. Reesche

    Green Stage Pruning for light and Flowering Cycle?

    Hi you guys I started (x7) different plants from seeds August 11, 2019. Since then, they are growing just fine, however I have a few questions for you... Please look at the bottom notes...5 thru 10. Also see attachments. My main question to you is: On #8 notes below... I trim off a ton of...
  15. Reesche

    New Starts do not look good....

    Can any of you guys tell me what you think is going on with these new starts? I have 8 T5 lights about 12" to 14" above them ON for 20 hours with a fan blowing on them. I tried ferterlizing them a couple of weeks ago with just a tiny bit of veg fertilizer and then have been watering them...