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  1. Dogweed

    DogWeed's C99 and Golden Cobra

    Hey everyone, a while back I bought golden cobra seeds from Moxie and grew one of them. It turned into the best pot I have smoked since I could remember, and the smell oh the smell. I had friends who dont even smoke who couldn't leave my jars alone. Unfortunately I dont think you can get these...
  2. Dogweed

    DIY LED Air Cooled Hood

    Thought I might throw a little help to those who struggle with heat or just want a more efficient way to remove more heat from their LEDs. I was using a 600w HPS and I was always fighting to keep my tent under 85. So I decided to try my hand at LEDs, hearing that they put off less heat. I didnt...
  3. Dogweed

    LSD & Red Dragon LED 2018

    Alright everyone, I have another round of girls coming up. This time its a LSD and a Red Dragon from Barneys Farm. I have done a Red Dragon before and absolutely loved it. So Im super excited to get this one to fruit, and I hear good things about LSD. I also picked up a Black Diamond PS COB...
  4. Dogweed

    Help Making the Right Choice

    Hello everyone, I decided I want to lose the HPS and go all LED to try and cut down on heat. But Im finding it hard to choose a led light to go with. I want to max out my tent for light but Im not sure how high I can go with the watts before I run into heat issues again. Or what brands hit the...
  5. Dogweed

    Possible Spider Mites

    Im within a week of harvesting my outdoor crop and Im just starting to see spider like webs appearing at the tops of some of the flowers. I've checked a few leaves and haven't seen any actual mites but it looks like their webs. I have seen plenty of spiders on the plants but most of them have...
  6. Dogweed

    Golden Cobra and Super Silver Haze CBD 2-300wLEDs & 600wHPS in soil 2017

    Hello everyone, Im going to make an attempt at my first grow journal. I just got back from vacation and finished cleaning out the tent. I was going to wait a bit for the weather to cool down before firing her back up but I cant help myself. I just love watching them grow up and mature, and maybe...
  7. Dogweed

    Well Hello

    Hey guys and gals. Just thought Id say hello before I start posting and asking advice. My set up is a Mars Hydro 40x40" tent with 2 mars hydro 300w leds and a 600w HPS/MH. A bunch of fans and thermometers to keep the temps under control. Im using FoxFarm Nutrients and Ocean Forest for my...