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  1. Qman

    Q'z first journal, 2nd Supersoil run

    Well after much debate I decided to throw up a journal so we could see 2 side by side Supersoil grows with the same exact strains, from the same moms. NVTHIS and I are running SS and the same strains but have different techniques, see his grow here I have Green Crack (a.k.a. Dream Queen...
  2. Qman

    Deep Chunk, AfGoo and Querkle in Supersoil.....

    Hey all This is my current grow at 42 days. They are all in Supersoil (Subcool's recipe) and doing waaayyy better then expected..... First couple pics are the DC's Then a couple AfGoo and finally a Querkle, I have 4 of these going, this was/is the least dankiest but, the easiest pic to...
  3. Qman

    To all with the passion

    Stopping by to say hi! Nice to meet you :) Q