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    Blue Mystic Clones

    omg, gotta luv that^^
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    Screwdriver's White Widow grow

    lookin great=)
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    Second Grow..

    Anyone know what the optimal pH value for my rooting water should be. I think tap water here is around 7,5; maybe a point or so over.
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    How I make Trees

    this is just crazy=) Well done my friend..
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    Second Grow..

    Thanks, that seems logical. Where are the Vulcans when you need them?....(other than this forum I mean^^)
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    Second Grow..

    Hi guys About a week ago I was given 7 clones from a friend. Since then they''ve all stood in a jug(transparent plastic) of water(24/7-lights), containing minute amounts of nutes. I think I'm starting to see something that might resemble roots. Though just on a few of the cuttings, I am...
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    Zarnon takes aim at a fall and winter grow

    Looking great. It's good to c ya all doing a great job. GG
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    BigBudz White Widow/Ice grow

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way.
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    4 Northern Lights and 2 White Widdow

    they look very nice and bushy=) GG
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    My current grow (pukka skunk fem'd)

    Hey Jolly. Welcome to the forum. The pics look great=)
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    (4) White Widow clones

    still great
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    A few questions..

    1.) How do you know when to start flushing? 2.) The buds gain most weight in what stage of flowering?
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    First Grow, take a look=)

    Ah ok. In that case the hood is not vented=) As this is my first grow I never really got time to study this vast science. There are alot of thing I would do differently. For my next grow I'll get some real ventilation going and make sure I have enough room. I'll post some pics of the plants...
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    First Grow, take a look=)

    omg, I have way to many plants. They're getting enormous. I've managed to limit growth by tying down some main colas. I've had problems with heat stress aswell and have placed a netting directly under the lamp(1feet+) that should limit any further damage. I saw tricomes a few days ago and...
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    Devel Horned Bud

    a spawn of evil.- The smoke is probably gonna be damn good.
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    **** Yea, My First Grow!

    looking great!
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    Evelon grow journal (Panama Red and Super)

    Looking good. Nice plants man.
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    HPS light question

    I think most people agree that stealing isn't cool. The same thing does not apply for growing pot.....
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    4 Northern Lights and 2 White Widdow

    look at those babies. So cute=)