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  1. shuggy4105

    600w with 400w

    Hi all quick question...Can I use a 600w ballast and bulb with my 400w reflector? Its the 'euro reflector' fyi. Thanks in advance:vap-leafy_wave:
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    Nutrient Induced Deficiency Chart

    I've found this useful...Apologies for the duplicates:)
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    I just dunno'

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    Still Dunno

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    seed under darkness?

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    pollen release?

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    bad flower phase

  9. shuggy4105

    new buzzing sound?....

    I have a dual 400w HPS/MH magnetic ballast and lamp which has started making a strange buzzing noise which seems mainly to be coming from the lamp itself. Its the same one I`ve always had and has always worked flawlessly. I run with HPS always. I don't want to replace the ballast to find its the...
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    400w HPS bulbs

    Hey Guys and Gals:) Just a heads up about ordering bulbs online for our HID fixtures... There`s a lot of crap out there claiming to be dual spectrum and longer lasting with extra wattage etc. in fact, some unscrupulous tradesmen will fob you off with the standard or even poorly manufactured...
  11. shuggy4105

    Low Heat Causing ( P) def

    Hi all I hope everyone is growing their finest product and keeping themselves healthy in the mean time;) I`ve moved house now and have recently set up and have some issues with the lack of heat in my grow room, thereby causing the phosphorus deficiency I`m seeing in all my ladies which are in...
  12. shuggy4105

    Bone Meal Tea

    hey all. I`m feeding chemical organics for flower at 14-10-27. I have some Bone meal whoch I plan on adding to the fine ladies with an NPK ratio of 4-20-0. By adding this at the stated dose, would this make my overall ratio 18-30-27? Also with the Bone meal, I`d like to make it into a...
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    ph availability chart

    found this chart and thought it usefull....[ Also, I have lots of these other info-charts on many deficeincies
  14. shuggy4105

    Nutrient Querie

    Hi MP dudes, I`ve a couple of questions/problems which I could do with some help, in order to get my dankness back in flow:p ... I`ve just made the switch, after eight weeks in veg to 12/12. The nutes I will be using for flower has an NPK ratio of 14-10-27. This will, ofcourse bring...
  15. shuggy4105

    whispy leaves?

    Hi folks, I have various strains going right now but a couple of my WW gals have began to show some disfigurement within the new growth. I`m running a 400w HPS, have vegged for 8 weeks and just transplanted for flower under a week ago, although no trauma occured during this transplant...
  16. shuggy4105

    Bubble Cloner question...

    I`ve just built my first ever bubble cloner from the sticky in the DIY section. There seems to be no aquarium heater placed into the water. What temp should the system be kept at for optimal performance? cheers Shug
  17. shuggy4105

    Bubble cloner?

    Hi all, A quick question.... I`m building a bubble cloner for some cuttings I`m about to take this week. I have a fair Idea on what`s required but was hoping to get help to a good link where it`s exlained in detail. My questions involve whether the cuttings are to be submerged into the water...
  18. shuggy4105

    A wee bit o` info

    I forgot to mention when I made my return msg the other week that I`m growing Crystal right now under my 400w HPS. I only grow for myself, got sick of paying 80 pounds a week for bud that tasted like crud, and having to chase after it when the inevitable dry-up came around every year. I`ve been...
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    Compost Heap

    Hello all, Just a quick question... The wife, within her infinite wisdom, has gone and tipped left over vegetable oil into my compost heap.:fid: I went mad, she got angry saying "it 'is' organic!" in the most sarcastic voice she could possibly muster. My 'heap' is well established, and...
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    Good to be back...

    Hello all, I see alot of new folks but it`s great to still see some of the auld-timers;) Hick and Stoney for instance:) Too many to name. Anyways, just a hello from me and to say it`s good to be back!