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  1. Henry@OCG

    Using a mixer to break off the trichomes

    We've found that using a metal mixer is the best way to take off the trichomes. We tried various types of wooden spoons and felt nearly most of the trichomes were still intact. What are others using?
  2. Henry@OCG

    Making Dry Ice Hash

    I was seeing what micron screen they used to make dry ice hash. Thanks
  3. Henry@OCG

    Made some bubble hash!

    We made some bubble hash from Cataract Kush, and Ambrosia Grapefruit. It turned out nice, smooth, bubbles nicely, intense high, munchies, and calm sleep.
  4. Henry@OCG

    Experimented with growing a couple plants with no fertilizer!

    This year, we grew a couple plants which were only fed from the beginning with a fertilizer in the pot. Otherwise, both plants were watered and that's it. Check out one plant, and a close up of the bud. The smoke is smooth, hint of citrus, hence the strain is Ambrosia Grapefruit...the high is...
  5. Henry@OCG

    Time to make bubble hash

    Bubble hash made from only 2 bubble bags; The strain is Cataract Kush, all day agitation :)
  6. Henry@OCG


  7. Henry@OCG

    storing mj

  8. Henry@OCG

    Opinion with my Compost Tea???

    Hello - My compost tea consist of using a 5 gallon bucket, 2 cups of worm castings, 60ml of Earth Juice Bloom, 5 Tablespoons of Alaska Bloom (0-10-10)(fish emulsion) and 2 Tablespoons of blackstrap molasses. I have a air pump bubbling the mixture with a weight holding down the 'air stone'. Does...
  9. Henry@OCG

    female clones

    Hello All - My buddy gave me some clones in June and they had already started their preflowers. They were in 1 gallon pots, so I put a few in the ground in my greenhouse and the others are in 10 gallon pots. I live on the West Coast, British Columbia. My question is regarding the 'mass'...
  10. Henry@OCG

    Leaf Problems

    Hello, I was checking to see if anyone know's what could be the cause for the leaves to look like this? Only a few plants are like this, especially the bottom half of the plant. The soil mix is one that I have been using for the past 5 yr's but never had any problems. Anyway, any suggests would...
  11. Henry@OCG

    Compost Tea!!!

    Hello, I made a compost tea made out of steer manure and was checking to see if you think it will attract bears? My plants are in the mountains. Peace
  12. Henry@OCG

    Need your advice on leaf deficiency!!!

    Hello, I attached a picture of a leaf that I took off an outdoor plant, which has effected about a 8 plants or so, the rest of them are fine. The plants are in 10 gallon grow bags, soil mixture is Sunshine Mix #1 (4 bales) to 1 bale of Peat Moss, lime, worm castings and slow release fertilizer...
  13. Henry@OCG

    Drying/Trich Question?

    Hi, I have my plants hanging in a dark, cool place with a rotating fan on the plants, but not directly blowing on them, but I do have a basement light that is in the center of the room. When I'm manicuring over a couple of hours, will the light/heat from the bulb effect the THC content in the...
  14. Henry@OCG

    Almost time!

    I had 65 seeds, 20 didn't sprout, 45 are female growing in 1 gallon pots, except for 1 which is growing in a 3 gallon pot. I looked under Mutts site, explaining odds of germinating females, the process, etc...many factors are involved in producing females. There is a close up in the germinating...
  15. Henry@OCG

    Female Odds

    Hi, I was curious if many growers who germinate by the wet towel method end up with more females then males? I read this somewhere but they didn't give a percentage. This year, I germinated 65 seeds, 20 didn't sprout, 45 are female and they are all growing in 1 gallon pots, except for 1 in a 3...
  16. Henry@OCG

    flowering question?

    hello, i have some 'runts' that i have been flowering for almost two weeks. out of 12 plants, 1 is male. they all have pre-flowers, trichomes are noticeable, and they are much taller. my question/s? should i continue to 12/12 them so they fully bloom or can i just let them finish naturally along...
  17. Henry@OCG


    hello, some females emerging happy blooming, boydee
  18. Henry@OCG

    transplanting just before flowering????

    hello, i have some plants that are about to flower and some that are about to show their sex. they are all about 4ft high. i was wondering if transplanting them to bigger pots will benefit them for more plant size, and more cabbage? or should i leave them alone. they get all day sun, and lots of...
  19. Henry@OCG


    hello, as mentioned before, i had to l.s.t my plants and it's amazing how the lower bud sites and branches almost caught up with the main cola. just thought i would share this 'tidbit' since i usually let them grow like a x-mas tree. happy growing boydee
  20. Henry@OCG

    don't put all your eggs into one basket.

    hello, someone walked off with a good size garden. everything was taken. just a heads up.