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    Second Grow..

    Hi guys About a week ago I was given 7 clones from a friend. Since then they''ve all stood in a jug(transparent plastic) of water(24/7-lights), containing minute amounts of nutes. I think I'm starting to see something that might resemble roots. Though just on a few of the cuttings, I am...
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    A few questions..

    1.) How do you know when to start flushing? 2.) The buds gain most weight in what stage of flowering?
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    When to stop misting my girls?

    My girls are about 5 weeks into flower now. I was wondering about when to stop spraying them with water. I thought I've heard to stop a few weeks into flower but my friend disagrees. Thanks
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    A few questions

    I have 12 plants going their 3 week into flowering. I feel that they all might be getting a bit to tall. They're all somewhere inbetween 2-3feet. Will they stop growing vertically at some point or will they grow the entire time untill the buds are ready? Can I shock the plants by tying their...
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    Using hermie seeds, bad or really bad?

    I'm wondering if there is some predetermined catasrophe waiting to happen if growing seeds from a Hermie. My friend told me I never should, but I allready did with all of my 12 plants... witch came from a hermie bud.
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    Minimum light requirements for sustaining a motherplant.

    I've been planning on keeping a motherplant to take clones from but am a bit uncertain what sort of lighting I'm going to need in order to keep it alive. Will I have to get a new HPS 400W or is there something more usefull and effective?
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    First Grow, take a look=)

    I recently started my first grow and stumbled across the forum. It seems like a great oppertunity to get some good tips & help while I work on my skillz and wait for the green. I started up with 15 seeds which came of a bud a friend gave me. I'm not really sure what strain it is so I'll let...