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  1. purple_chronic

    Im Back!!!!

    IM so happy i moved with my new roommate 4 college and he has an hydro system so maybe i will try hydro soon!!! so just posted to say hi!!!! see ya!!:D
  2. purple_chronic

    Is This Price OK????

    I found this electrician shop around my house a few days ago, so i went there to check on prices i need to know if the prices r good or to expensive.... Since i live in PR the shipping and handiling is international so its very expensive i need to know if i buy it here or some other website...
  3. purple_chronic

    One Toke Over That Little Line That Keeps Marijuana Illegal.

    Well i was looking 4 info. on the net and i found this very long text that i found a very good read,read and post your opinion... Thanxx PC ONE TOKE OVER THAT LITTLE LINE THAT KEEPS MARIJUANA ILLEGAL. By Isaac W. Kinard Art by Mr. Shoffner "I was told by every oncologist, every nutritionist...
  4. purple_chronic

    Hooked on hash!!!!! lol!!!

    Hooked on hash Monkeys stir up the debate about cannabis addiction The question of whether marijuana is physically addictive has been troubling researchers for years--but the latest evidence suggests that lab monkeys, at least, are easily hooked. For the first time, scientists in the US have...
  5. purple_chronic

    help please!!!

    How much lumens make two cool white tubes (15 watt each)???? how far should i have them from my babies!!????
  6. purple_chronic

    "Mutt's Drug News"

    HUGE MARIJUANA FACTORY WAS ONE STRANGE JOINT BARRIE, ONT. -- For the workers at Canada's biggest indoor marijuana farm, there was no summer, no winter, and no day or night. Instead, there was the artificial glow of more than a thousand industrial lights, the gurgle of chemicals and...
  7. purple_chronic


    well im from Puerto Rico and im 19 yrd and i going to plant weed cuz i want to do something diferent my best friend says im krazy but what isnt???so this is my second growing my first died (killed) and thats about it.... You could see my babies on the grow journals...
  8. purple_chronic


    Well i try again with the puertorican bagseeds of this very good weed i tried so i got 4 out of 6 germinized but i buried one outside just to see what hapens the other 3 r in my grow box. I hope this time they dont die am thinking of not leaving my house 4 anything to protect my crob well thats...
  9. purple_chronic

    how could i mix strains????

    how do you make a mixed "maroc x skunk,haze 19 x skunk,hawaii x skunk,masterkush x northern lights,etc..." im not sure but i wanna ask if i had a white widow male and remove the pollen with black paper or anything else and apply it to my afghani female with a painting brush will...
  10. purple_chronic

    500 plants was discovered by police, 500 plants was discovered by police

    A cannabis factory containing 500 plants was discovered by police officers who smelt it from the street. Every room, apart from the kitchen, in the rented house in Wallisdown, Bournemouth, had been adapted for the cultivation of the drug. Officers became suspicious before even entering the...
  11. purple_chronic

    Man Sentenced For Giving Pot To His Kids!!!!

    MAN SENTENCED FOR GIVING POT TO HIS KIDS By TAMMY KRANZ Advocate Reporter NEWARK — A Licking County Common Pleas Court judge sentenced a Pataskala man to three years of probation for giving marijuana to his three teenagers. Donald C. Rutter, 36, last known address 210 Cedar St., Lot 219...
  12. purple_chronic

    Where can i buy an HPS bulb ????

    PLease dont say Ebay cuz i cant buy on ebay, any stores thats worldwide....
  13. purple_chronic

    lol MY puertorican kid!!!!

    well since im from PR i got this nasty sh*t over here that i really dont know where does it come from so i germinated only 1 seed i has 3 or 4 days and i am first grower it looks pretty so lets seeeee!!!!!
  14. purple_chronic

    Not Bad it WORKS!!!

    its really easy you take aluminium foil and cut a pretty big piece and put a few napkins and the seeds in the napking you wet the napkings with the seed inside and finish by folding the aluminium foil and putting it on top of the refrigerator and forget about it for 3-10 days and most of the...
  15. purple_chronic

    Legal Buds a Fake?????

    Ive been reading about these legal buds and a 30% of people say that they get you high but the other 70% (most havent smoked it) say it doesnt so i really want to try some but i want to hear what you guys say... Check this out...