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    Garden helpers

    Anybody else have reptiles in there gardens? This guy showed up about a year and a half ago:D 2b2s
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    Soil ph and how water affects it.

    As I have recently begun a small outdoor grow I have been posting on other peeps soil grows. Recently I said that with dolimite lime in your soil there is no need to have a digital ph meter. As I expected I received feedback stating otherwise. Since it was not my thread I did not elaborate on...
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    Here are my 2 main sources for my raw salts: and I use mbferts almost exclusively due to them being a short drive to pick up my salts. they do ship nationwide too:D 2b2s
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    Post up your favorite

    Started this thread with the goal of sharing some of our favorite nutrient recipes. The format will be in ppm and follow the N-P-K-Ca-Mg. As an example my current favorite veg recipie is 160-30-230-100-30. Looking forward to seeing what others here are using:D 2b2s
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    Hydrobuddy tutorial

    So now you have hydrobuddy loaded on your machine we will look at how to use it. Hydrobuddy will be referred to a HB from here out. When you open hb iit will open on the welcome page, click on the main page tab. In the middle of the ppage there are 3 boxes; volume. concentration u its, and...
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    Hydrobuddy download link
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    What are "raw salts"

    Raw salts are the individual components of your store bought hydro nutes. It is no secret that the costs vary considerably from one brand to the next. About 18 years ago I began to wonder why one brand cost more than the other, and why people paid more for the same formulations brand to brand...
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    Old member back after long hiatus

    I'm 2broke2smoke many peeps know me from other forums. I will try to be a more engaged member in the future:D 2b2s