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  1. CasualGrower

    Hey guys and gals.... I'm back... Getting the itch

    After a long lay off, and a change in my career path.... I am getting the itch to get back into the game....The old guys know me.... I like hydro small scale super cropping and revegging... Not sure when I'm going to start but soon... Couple more things need to happen. But I'm back on forums.
  2. CasualGrower

    Super hot pepper advice

    OK.... I have a friend that is looking for the best advice she can get for growing some super hot peppers...... Talking Carolina and California reapers.... Some other super hot varieties....... I am asking this forum because you all are some of the BEST botanists I can think of asking...
  3. CasualGrower

    Poinsettas.... DWC... Anyone try?

    Got a Poinsettia from last year that I repotted and it regenned well..... Growing vigorously now too.... I am mainly a Hydro man... Just wondering if anyone tried a poinsetta Hydro.... I heard they like a 'wetter' enviroment so thought thye might LOVE a bubbler bucket of their own...
  4. CasualGrower

    Biggest SCROG?

    OK Guys and Gals, I am just curious, what is the largest 1 plant scrog you ever seen??? I am contemplating something that might be Semi Crazy and just wondering what is the craziest one you ever seen.. Veg time is not a Huge Consideration.... I have plenty of time ... Just curious.
  5. CasualGrower

    Some Pics of what is in my closet.

    Here are some pics of a lil lady I rescued from a couple guys who knew NOTHING LOL... Was not sure if it was a girl or not when I got her. She was about 4 inches tall and planted in Clay.... She is RAWKIN in the DWC now though.... She is about 4 weeks into bloom.
  6. CasualGrower

    New Kid in the house.... (hopin for a lil girl)

    This post is the set-up post for the thread..... I got a new lil one in the house now..... hopefully a lil girl... Will know for sure in a few days.. Guess I should start this story from the beginning, so I will... I personally have not grown in at least a couple years... My Son was...
  7. CasualGrower

    Well I am guessing my Freezer thread got lost....

    I did a couple searches but did not find my thread on transforming a basement upright freezer into a nice lil growing unit..... This unit is gonna be turned into my cloning unit/initial grow unit.... Plan is.... I have ONE seed germinating atm.... NO idea if it is a he or she..... THIS...
  8. CasualGrower


    Just curious if anyone on this forum has tried using aquaculture (Fishwater LOL)... to grow??? Not sure if it would work for the entire cycle, but might work for Vegging anyway....You see people using it to grow all types of Vegetables and stuff... Just curious cause I have a small Tilapia...
  9. CasualGrower

    Tree Tomatoes

    Anyone ever order and grow those Tree Tomatoes that came out a year or 2 ago???? They grow like 8 ft tall and fruit like CRAZY Supposedly.... I took the plunge this year and ordered them and got the big earlys too. Just curious if anyone has tried them or not and if they live up to the...
  10. CasualGrower

    CG's Crystal, Ice and Bubblegum Looking for Moms

    Heya everyone, Well I am back at it again with a new grow space up and running, sorta, Have a few finishing touches to do, but there are plants in there growing!!!!. Well the object of this grow is to find a few nice mother plants. I have 3 strains so far in the mix, I have a couple...
  11. CasualGrower

    Attic Grow Room

    Hey guys, I strarted a thread about 8 months ago about the Ultimate Urban Attic Growroom.... Well, The project is nearing completion and I can officially call it a 'Grow Room' now. The space measures 25'X10' at the floor. The height is about 6' down the length of the attic, sloping down...
  12. CasualGrower

    Ahhh Look at my lil mutant...

    Lil 3 cotyledon mutant..... Too bad it is prolly a boy, but will keep it around for a while. Hmm dont see the manage attachments tag.... will post and try to edit it in.
  13. CasualGrower

    recent seed buys....

    OK, everyone here knows I have an order in with and have had for a while..... It is now Friday the 16th of january... I got my shipping confirm email on about Jan 5th..Nothing in the box as of Tonite.... I am in the Midwest.... well a lil east of the midwest, but you get...
  14. CasualGrower


    Well the wife ordered form them a couple weeks ago..... Did not want to use Creditcards, so she used the electronic order and sent in IMO's..... Benn almost 2 weeks now...... I am so Excited I cant beleive it.............. Man I hope they make it through. Ordered 2 of their value...
  15. CasualGrower

    Combination Drip/ DWC system

    Hey Guys.. I came up with an idea today. DWC is a great way to grow, but let's face it, IF you are growing more than just a few plants, those waterchanges and daily PPM and PH monitoring and adjustments are a real Pain In the Arse. So I thought, Hmmm , what can I do to tie all the buckets...
  16. CasualGrower

    Well I just weaseled it out of my wife..I do this every Christmas LOL.. She hates it heh... She Ordered me some new beans..... A few days or so ago, I showed her what I was thinking about ordering... 2 of the Value Packs.... The classic Pack which has 10 of each, Big Bud, Bublegum and Northern...
  17. CasualGrower

    Broken Mogul Socket

    Grrr I broke the ceramic on one of mogul sockets while rebuilding.... I have not had any luck finding a new one, just the socket.... Anyone out there got any tips?
  18. CasualGrower

    Question about Turning an Incorporated Ballast to a Remote ballast.

    Hey guys... I got a question for ya... During the power surges and outtages due to Hurricane Ike and all, I lost the ballast in my Floralux 400 watt HPS... I have a rebuild kit coming and should be here today.. However That light with the ballast incorporated is a heavy SOB..... I am looking to...
  19. CasualGrower

    CG's Reveg.....8 plants revegging and 2 mammas 8)

    Welcome everyone to my 3rd Grow Journal, First off I would like to thank Puffin Afatty for inspiring me to try this little experiment... Though i will get no where his yield off one plant, because of genetics. I am hoping to increase my yield off my lil Indicas.... Most of you that have...
  20. CasualGrower

    DWC Pre Mix Container.. What do you use?

    Hey everyone.. I got a question for ya..... I run a DWC system... normally 12 individual buckets with just an air stone running to each... Last couple grows I have been mixing nutes 12 times for water changes in every bucket..... What I want to know.. is IF you run a system similar...