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  1. Kyfarmerb

    Beginning covert outdoor grow in N.E.

    You will do just fine,just take it slow and take care taking care of them,they will do the rest
  2. Kyfarmerb

    White Widow monsters

    I'd grow her out second indoor grow ever I had some of the we popping off tough I love this strain.
  3. Kyfarmerb

    White Widow monsters

    Very impressive grow bro... later,b
  4. Kyfarmerb

    My Latest Grow

    No please don't take anymore,she will be great in a few days.
  5. Kyfarmerb

    Little cream for you

    Nice work bro,very beautiful girls,Kyfb
  6. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    Here we are about three or less weeks from our finish line,it's been a crazy grow but I'll tell you these girls are very strong,shout out to Nirvana seeds.No problems to report only beautiful healthy girls , thankful for that. Thanks for stopping by and until next time, happy growing to all of...
  7. Kyfarmerb

    Comment by 'Kyfarmerb' in media '1607373521846.jpg'

    Thanks r Thanks bro
  8. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    Thanks bro,this grow has been crazy but it's coming thru very nice.Gotta give em plenty of love and attention and they always repay you.Happy growing to you bro.Kyfb
  9. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    Count me in!!!
  10. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    Hello to all,sorry for the delay. Had some problems and had to switch it up and move into a tent but everything went well and we are now in week 6 and 1/2. The girls are doing great and they're loving life drinking quite a bit of water everyday along with Fox farm nutrient line every other...
  11. Kyfarmerb

    Spotty leaves?

    Yeah she sure does!!!
  12. Kyfarmerb

    Grow room design question: exhaust fan placement

    Yayayaya,great advice!!! Happy growing to yall!!!
  13. Kyfarmerb

    Spotty leaves?

    OMG girl,so sorry for this but honestly it's best to learn how to get rid of em early.And even more it's for the greater good cause we can show you a few techniques that we call ipm , intensive preventative maintenance.My absolutely fav things to apply and practice inside the grow room or...
  14. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    One more thing, When I say these girls have been thirsty ,drinking water everyday bra!!!! Nah but foreal they been drinking about 3 qts of a liter a day now.ave temps-80-85 degs and 45-50 perc humidity.Now we are rocking hitting them vpd numbers!!! Can u say sweet spot?!.they are growing...
  15. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    Hello to all of my fellow cultivators, Sorry for as usual being late with my grow journal update. Well here we go. For starters we are in day two of week 3 flower and the girls ARe rocking. I've really not had too many problems with this run. That I am thankful for as always I ended up using the...
  16. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    Thanks bro!!!
  17. Kyfarmerb

    Growing past the limits!!!!

    Ok,ok,okayyy, Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to the latest installment in my current grow channel growing past the limits!!!!. Today we will be catching up as I have neglected this grow journal a bit I'm sorry it will not happen again. So that's to where we are currently today is the 13th...
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    The strain I have perfected, she is a stout , strong beauty
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