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  1. boo

    RELIABLE seedbanks

    I've tried twenty20mendicino and just love their gear and my girl crush there and love it to death...goat and monkey are also spot on, good peeps there...
  2. boo

    Leaf signs….

    your pH may be a bit high, I shoot for 6.0 personally...don't think the light is an thoughts lean toward too high a pH mebbe causing lockout on these 2 plants...
  3. boo

    Leaf signs….

    it's not fly eggs if the enlargement is of the backside of the leaf...are all the leaves effected and when did this occur...sounds like you may have had soil gnats, white flies fly around like madmen on speed...I max out calmag at 5 ml./gal...your plants look healthy other than those burned...
  4. boo

    When do I stop defoilating?

    without knowing what's been fed to the plant I'd try a full flushing to runoff and then re examine the you pH the mix when you feed...they just don't have that healthy aura plants give off...
  5. boo

    When do I stop defoilating?

    the leaves look a little droopy but still ok...take the big fans out, they have the thickest stems...leave the sugar leaves and other small ones unless they are shielding flowers below from the light...try and perk up the plant, it's looking tired...
  6. boo

    Leaf signs….

    you got pests or it sure looks like it...second pic looks like white fly eggs but you'd know if you have you see any critters in the soil or on the leaves...
  7. boo

    Lizzo chilling

    I'm not sure what that means, in english please...
  8. boo

    What can it has and how do I fix it?

    yep, sure looks like spider mites...pyganic works well but try exciteR, twice the strenth and organic...just don't hit the flowering plant...kinda looks like you've got an you see any webs...
  9. boo


    gotta love me some greazy buds...
  10. boo

    New light

    well, do tell more...what kind of lights are they...
  11. boo

    Dos SI dos with identity crisis.

    it happens when a plant hermies itself...
  12. boo

    Lizzo chilling

    would you like for me to be your own personal troll...
  13. boo

    Lizzo chilling

    get your **** out of a knot will ya, don't get so defensive...I was commenting on the plant, not the lizard...
  14. boo

    Lizzo chilling

    not after eating long have you been killing them... :eek:
  15. boo

    The Asylum

    I bet pics without the blurple would look great...
  16. boo

    Hello From Jersey

    we just had a karen blow the doors off doing a fly bye...ya coulda had a better lead story... ;)
  17. boo

    OG kush @ 10 weeks

    nice flowers, gotta be good to keep running her that long...
  18. boo

    Green Crack & White Widow

    consider using epsom salts, google it...good stuff...
  19. boo

    Hello From Jersey

    yeah pute, get the keyboard nice and gooey and then call it a sticky...;)as I said, he's a jersey boy...
  20. boo

    Anyone lose power,? IM LUCKY TO HAVE KEPT MINE

    if you're considering a genset be sure it's lp gas and rated to run your home...big gensets gobble fuel...