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    MHP/Chocolate Tripp???

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    MHP/Chocolate Tripp???

    Does anyone have any info on either of these 2 strains? I was lucky enuff to get a few clones of each an man are they both good. Just wondering if anyone could help me out. thanks
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    whole crop destroyed

    man its been a fukin bummer year went to check my plants this am and all of them but 2 were dead .pics are of what killed them. guys here call them borer beattles but they look like small termites. they are pulp eaters meaning them eat up through the center of the plant till its dead. u can see...
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    MHP- Chocolate trip

    here are a few of my girls that are close by. went to check an took the cam with me. first 2 are MHP the second 2 are chocolate tripp and the last one is a nute burnt an mold diseased big bud ...but i pick it all of and is going to pull through mhp an choc trip my 2 fav indoor strains
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    Outdoor SCrog

    OK i have a good question. This years grow i did not put up any chicken wire and have been getin the shit ate out of my plants. I recently moved this year so im growing in a new place and a fence is not a good idea. I have found some trophy plots about 30 mins from my place. MY question is...
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    Florescent Lighting

    Planning on gettin some new floro fixtures and am wondering which is brighter/better the T5's T'8s or T12'. Will have 2 2 bulb fixtures with one cool and one warm bulb in each. As these are just to keep some moms and a veg box going. Thanks...
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    ChronMans Cloning

    Well i usually use the jiffy peat pellets with my humidome i use olivias gel and B'Cuzz root juice. Firts i expand my pellets. I use the Root juice mix to expand them as this also pre soaks the pellet for better rooting. Make a small hole in the pellet just big enough for the stem to fit into...
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    Here are a few clones i took the other night. 3 HOG 3 AK-47 .they are about 4 days old and the 2 hogs still look great while the other 3 are looking a lil weak.pre soaked the soil with B'Cuzz Root and i use a spray bottle with the same mixture in it. i mist 2-3 times a day for about 2-3 days...
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    Here is a pic of what a buddy droped off at my house today...Sensitron Will let you know what the dry weight is :D :D :D
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    starting from clones...

    Ok i have been watching a few videos and when they take there clones they keep them in the humidome or what not for up to 10 days till roots show through the rockwool. they then place in veg for 1-2 weeks then go right to 12/12. Then every 2-3 weeks they take 4 more clones and move to the flower...
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    Bushes NICE!!!

    How long would it take to do a scrog like this? I found this pic in the archives. How do you get it to fill up all even. like i mean how do the other branches not get to tall waiting on the screen to fill up?
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    Some nice pics

    here are some pics of a nice cloner. it works really well. its a tidy cat bucket and 2 aquarium filters, and its got a big airstone in the bottom. just stick the branches down in the screen an the screen holds them in place. here are a few pics of whats in the screen
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    strain description?

    looking for descriptions of strains.. like flowing time, height and % of indica/sativa mix can anyone help me out with a link or some help on this??
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    screen clogged?

    how can i clean the screen in my spacecase i think it is a little dirty b/c i am not seeing the amout i use to any ideas?
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    how to make a good mother??

    ok i want to start a new garden. can somone give me some ideas for a box to keep 3-4 mothers in. an how to keep them short . i want to get them big before i start taking clones off these.. i want to start about 100 plants total but i want them all to be roughly the same age. how would i go about...
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    to little space?

    wanting to start another garden for a select strain . i have an open closet that is about 5x5 i could make it smaller if i had to. the problem is i only have a 1000w system not being used right now and ventilatinon might be a problem any sugestions i has going for like 4-8 plants maybe heights...
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    mother plants

    i need to start a new garden. i will be using ak-47 cuttings. i want to make 2 or 3 mother plants but i want them to be bushes like you see in other peoples pics can anyone help me out with some advice? it has to be soil only
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    broke while moving

    this plant is an ak-47 it was used for a good while as a mother an after we got done hackin on it i put it outside a few weeks ago but in transit i fell an it broke right up from the base of it so i ripped the rest of it off .there is new growth starting at the bottom so....should i let this go...