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  1. boo

    white flies

    if you don't have 'em you will some day...I was gifted a few rooted cuts about a year ago...seen a white fly here and there since that day...I've been doing my house keeping thinking I was winning the war...I've got 12 plants in flower so it's pretty thick in the tents...yesterday I pulled the...
  2. boo

    rooting in rapid rooters

    as of late it seems my "touch" has left the house...been rooting in rapid rooters for ages, this run of cuts seems to have stalled...the part of the stem in the rooters is rotting on a few and they seem over watered as half if the rooters are soaking wet, the other half looks fine...water pH'd...
  3. boo

    boo's in the house

    what up peoples...they call me boo...I'm an old man that's been smoking for 51 years and growing for 20...I keep a nice garden indoors here in the swamp that keeps me pleasantly an invite here from a friend and cronie, gonna look alound and get comfortable...i'm a consumate gear...