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  1. Growdude

    Check out my LED SCROG rack

    I plan on building 2, both will have automated watering and overflow recovery.
  2. Growdude


    Anyone use or see these lights in action?
  3. Growdude

    Plant Lighting Hydroponics decline

    I used to love this place, great prices and fast delivery. Now I've had a order with them since the 11/4 and still nothing, when I called 2 weeks ago they told me they were getting them in (clone collars) and they were shipping out Monday. 2, e-mails have went unanswered since. Call and...
  4. Growdude

    New Home New Room

    Been very busy lately, bought my first house, moved and built a new room that I really want to show you guys /gals. I built a inner flower room inside a room that has a connecting closet to another room. The closet is going to be a vegg and mother room that can be accessed from the main grow...
  5. Growdude

    Growdudes SCROG pics

    This my first time SCROG attempt and my first time in dirt since I joined this forum. These are starting week 4 White Widow, AK47, Jock Horror and Dinachem. Let me know what ya think.
  6. Growdude

    Dual arc bulbs

    Anyone have any experience with these, I like the look of the spectrum. I've been wanting to add more blue as well as the uvb.
  7. Growdude

    Lucas formula question

    Was going to try this for bloom this run. Is it 8/ml gal micro x 16/ml gal bloom? Also do you add any bloom boost like kool bloom at some week?
  8. Growdude

    AK48 and Jock Horror

    The pic with 3 buds is some of the Jock Horror. And the single bud is AK48. Got a macro shot of the Jack Horror. its tasty and puts on a real fine buzz.
  9. Growdude

    Want to see a 4 foot bud?

    I didnt measure them the others are smaller.
  10. Growdude

    GD's CO2 continued

    continued from :icon_smile: Figured it was best to continue my co2 grow here as a journal. Got some pics of my new 1000 watt light and hood and my Minigen The minigen really puts out some moisture so I got a Sentinal svc-2 with...
  11. Growdude

    Growdudes Co2 setup

    Everything is installed now, 2 motorized dampers, overtemp control, PPM-4 controler. No Minigen Co2 burner yet, the sales guy tried them out and said the same thing I did. What was funny is I got to watch the guy inadvertently fry both of them when he tried a different power pack. Well anyway...
  12. Growdude

    Co2 generator

    Just bought this little unit for my new tent. [URL="hxxp:// CO2 Generator&pro=4 Just 6"x7"x10" and under 10 lbs. Anyone use one or heard anything about them?
  13. Growdude

    Want to show off my grow!!

    Hard to believe Im still growin and smokin this white widow 5 years now, its all I smoke. :bong2: I grew this Ebb and flow, never once changed my rez even when I went into flower just upped the PK. 2x5 closet. 2, 400 watt HPS and a 400 MH for side lighting. Only ventilation was a box fan...
  14. Growdude

    Panning a go at BHO

    What is best to use, I have all bud, fresh, frozen or dried, looking to make the finest oil I can.
  15. Growdude

    Some kinda larvae

    I noticed I have some kinda little white larvae in my hydro rez, ive flushed but they are still there, ( cant get all the water out and they float), Is there any type of stuff I can add to my rez to kill them? Im in week 4 of flower. I think they could be gnats, ive seen a very few here and...
  16. Growdude

    WW harvest pics

    Here are my 2 WW plants hanging, been hanging for about 5 days. also a shot of the "stubs" lotta popcorn buds still on there.
  17. Growdude

    Bud shots... 5 weeks in

    Just some pics of my latest grow, 2 WW and 1 blueberry.
  18. Growdude

    tobbacco plants

    Looking around on the net this seems to gaining popularity. Plenty of seedbanks out there with lots of cheap seeds. From what I can tell it looks alot like growing MJ, small seeds that need germ, then transplanted, likes 70-80 f and moist soil. Anyone doin this? and have any advice.
  19. Growdude

    Go Cali Go!!!

  20. Growdude

    Real Blueberry

    Got some DP BB Got 3 here that I will vegg up and sex, hope 3 was enough. 2 got started a bit latter than the big one but ther growing fast. Got the nutes at 300 PPM as to not burn the little ones. But I finaly got rid of that other stuff that wasnt BB, I think it was some kind of skunk...