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    New Grower... couple questions

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    Changing Pic size??

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    White Widow Grow

    So here I am starting my grow journal, still in need of cloning tips. But... here goes! My plant is about 3 1/2 weeks into veg. stands at about 14 inches tall and is very bushy! It's gonna need topped soon, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that either! It's been over a year since my last grow...
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    How to clone with hydroponics??

    Hello everyone! It's been a long long while since I've been on this site. Since it's been so long since my last grow, I have forgotten some of the essential information needed to do so! I'm growing a white widow plant, had a little problem with stretching towards the beginning, but seems to be...
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    Ice Clones

    Just wanted to give a little update as to what I've been up to since I was last here. I'm still growing the Ice strain, but the ones I have now are clones of my first set of Ice plants I started earlier this year. I'm still using the hydro set up, growing them under a 250 watt HPS for flowering...
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    Ice leaves curling under!! Help Please!!

    Ok I'm at my first hurdle with my plants. For some reason on 2 of my Ice plants, the top set of leaves have completely curled under. I read in the nutriet trouble shooting guide, that that means that there is too much nutrients. I havent' givin my plants any more nutrients since i flushed my tub...
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    Cloning section???

    Just an idea, but I thought maybe you guys could add a cloning section. I know I'm gonna be cloning my white widow and ice plants within the next few weeks, and I'd like as much help with them as possible. The knowledge of some people on this forum seems infinite, and I believe a cloning section...
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    BigBudz White Widow/Ice grow

    Well today officially starts my grow of the White Widow and Ice. I gotlotsa love from the Germination Fairy, as all 6 of my seeds sprouted in 48 hours or less... So I guess it's time to say... Let the Grow Begin!
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    Changing Pic size??

    This really has nothing to do with hydroponics or growing... Does anyone know how to change the size of pictures, so i don't have to keep cropping them and losing 3/4ths of my pic? It's aggrevating trying to post pics, and not being able to show exactly what I want to... Any help will be very...
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    Quick Answer plz!?!

    Need a quick answer from someone whos knows what they're doing. (which is many) I'm about to change my plants over to the flowering closet. After the transfer, am i supposed to leave the lights off for a certain amount of time? If so, how long? Or do i just start 12 on 12 off?
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    Questions about drip systems...

    A couple of my plants are now showing alternating nodes, and I'm wanting to move them over to the flowering closet at the beginning of next week. Right now i am using a bubbler system for my vegetation stage, but I have a drip system for my flowering. I know I'm going to have to transplant my...
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    My First Grow:)

    OK I've decided to start a grow journal so i'm not filling up the rest of the forum with pics and my babbling about how proud I am lol. Here we are at day 17.... and they're still growin like crazy and makin me very anxious for the final results!
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    My Sickling..

    A few days ago I had a couple of my plants get yellow blotches all over them. I figured it was my PH being too high, so I lowered it. All but one of my plants have fully recovered and are growing at incredible rates. :) Now for the question... The one that's still showing signs of a little...
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    Day 15

    Ok here's my question. I'm at day 15 after germination, and I have 12 plants, 6 of them have at least 6 sets of leaves and are around 4-6 inches in height. Is it too early to start flowering the ones that have the 6 sets of leaves, and let the others keep growing? It seems they're starting to...
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    Day 12

    I'm at day 12 after germination. Here's what my plants are looking like right now. I've had a little problem with brown spots and yellow leaves, but they all seem to be doing great and growing really well. Still trying to get the yellow and brown out, but not sure what else i should try. Lights...
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    Out Damn Spots!!!

    I'm not really sure what these brown spots on the plants are, or what could be causing them to do this. RIght now my plants are 10 days after germination, about 4 inches tall, in spring water, PH 6.2, water temp 72, room temp 80. No nutes, lights about 12 inches from the top of my plants. Here's...
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    Yellow leaves...

    I have 2 of my plants that's leaves are turning yellow. The runt of my plants' bottom leaves are yellow and have curled under slightly. The other one has yellow on the top leaves, but both seem to still be growing pretty good. Out of the 12 plants that I have going, these are the only two that...
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    6th day in, looking great!

    I'm about into my 6th day after germinating my seeds. Things seem to be going very well with my plants. All 12 of them seem to be growing great. I had a few pics I wanted to show, I know they're small still and have a lot of growing to do, but I'm a proud parent already!! I was wondering if...
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    My thread that i started about 2 weeks ago has disappeared off the forum. Just wondering if the site is being updated and my thread will be back or if i should repost the pics i put up on it last night, on a new thread???
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    New Grower... couple questions

    First of all i'm planning on growing in my closet using a 6 plant drip system and 250 watt mh lighting, and 250 watt hps for flowering. My question is, if anyone has used a drip system to grow their plants, 1. How much water do i put in the resevior and 2. How often do i need to make sure the...